How to Market Your Home to Prospective Buyers

How to Market Your Home to Prospective Buyers

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If you’re trying to sell your home or increase it’s value, you’re likely used to making changes. From frequent cleaning and care to new coats of paint, are determined to make the best impression on potential buyers and passerby. However, increasing the appeal and value of your home may not be best achieved by making changes to the house itself; instead, research shows that hiring professional landscaping services may often be the best way to optimize the look and worth of your property.

Currently, there are an estimated 401,473 landscaping companies in the United States, employing an estimated 888,426 people. These companies offer a variety of services, from garden design to planting plants and shrubs. As landscaping professionals, they are quickly and effectively able to use a variety of plants and tools for gardening to turn any property into an environment that will enhance the appearance and use of your home. For this reason, the U.S. landscaping industry generates an estimated $74 billion in revenue every year, and is continuing to expand: from 2009 to 2014, the industry grew by an estimated 4.0% annually.

With this increase, it is now easier than ever to use professional landscape design and other services to improve the value of your home. Because landscaping a property allows the homeowners to utilize as much of their land as possible for entertaining, gardening, and living, it can allow a home to become a more attractive option for potential homebuyers and therefore gain value. Realtors and landscaping professionals estimate that landscaping can add anywhere from 5 to 15% to a home’s selling value.

Surveys show that an estimated 4 out of 5 American claim that they keep their yards maintained or landscaped at all times. This definition likely varies from person to person, with some homeowners regularly taking out their tools for gardening and others turning to a professional company to bring their landscaping design ideas to life. However, if you are trying to sell your home, it is recommended that you turn to a landscaping service to help your home look its best. As studies have shown, a well-manicured lawn not only creates a well-maintained outer appearance, which can attract more potential buyers, but can create a return on your investment as high as 258%. So if you want to sell your home or simply increase its value, don’t wait: contact a landscaping company today.

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