Three of the Most Common Types of Fire

Three of the Most Common Types of Fire

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Fire damage is never an easy thing to deal with. According to the latest report from the National Fire Protection Association, there were about 1,240,000 fires in the U.S. during 2013. These incidents resulted in 3,240 civilian fatalities, and nearly 16,000 injuries. There was also about $11.5 billion worth of fire damage and property loss.

Dealing with fire damage is not only tricky because of its thoroughness, but also because there are — believe it or not — different types of fire damage. To help give you a better understanding of how complicated it can be to repair and restore fire damage, here are a few of the most common types.

Protein Fires.

Stove-top grease fires, burned meats, and most other types of fire involving the burning of living tissues are typically protein fires. These types of fire don’t leave much visible smoke residue, if any, unlike other types of fires.

Wood and Paper Fires.

Attic fires, fireplace puff-backs, trash fires, and most other types of fires that might occur in the home are wood and paper fires. These types of fires are basically any in which a wood structure is involved, like a house, garage, or shed.

Synthetic Fires.

Carpeting fires, upholstered furnishings, electrical fires, and any fires involving plastic materials can be classified as synthetic fires. These fires are particularly dangerous, as the smoke that they produce can be extremely noxious, and incredibly dangerous to breathe in.

No matter what type of fire your house suffered from, the clean up afterward is always difficult. Depending on the type of fire, though, the clean up may be easier. Call a fire damage restoration specialty service or a public adjuster today to get your property on the road to recovery.

If anything was unclear, if anything left you wondering, and if you have any questions about handling flood damage or fire damage claims, like what is a public adjuster for example, feel free to ask in the comments!

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