Seven Tools Every Gardener Needs

Seven Tools Every Gardener Needs

Updated: 2/1/2022

If you decide to grow a garden, you should plan out everything ahead of time. Look at what you already have available and consider how it could be used for your garden. A garden greenhouse is a fantastic resource. This allows you to expand the gardening season by protecting plants from harsh weather.

You can also use it to grow plants that might not be a good fit for your climate. Once you know what you have, you need to think about what you need. Get the best gardening products you can afford. This will give you a better chance of being successful. While garden gear supply isn’t the only thing necessary for a good garden, it is very helpful.

If you need help with your garden, look into the best garden landscapers near me. These professionals can help you take ideas best garden design websites and apply them to your yard. You can either hire someone to help with just the initial setup, or you can bring in landscapers to take care of your garden regularly. Your decisions will be based on your budget and preferences.

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If you want to landscape your yard, you likely know that you have a sizable project ahead of you. To get the results you want, you’ll have to research different types of gardening plants and flowers, find garden centers that have the plants you want, and then spend a lot of your time landscaping your property and maintaining your work. But while it is important to focus on the plants themselves, it is also important that you have the gardening tools and equipment you need to get them in the ground. Below is a list of the most important gardening tools and equipment. Ask yourself: do you have everything you need for your upcoming project?

A Spade
This square-headed shovel with a short handle is vital for digging holes, edging beds, removing sod, and more. Look for spades with steel heads, strong wood or fiberglass poles, and sizable footrests on the head; it might be a little expensive, but a good spade will last years.

A Hand Trowel
These small hand shovels can be used to plant small plants and container gardens, dig out weeds, and mix potting soil. Look for forged, stainless steel trowels or ones with a strong connection between the head and the handle. Rubber grips are also useful.

A Hoe
There are a number of different types of this tool, and the right choice will depend on your type of garden. For example, fairly full gardens or those with delicate plants will likely need a smaller, thinner model, while vegetable gardens will do fine with a standard tool.

A Dandelion Digger
Dandelion diggers are perfect for removing weeds with long roots, of which the dandelion is only one example. Keep this close by when you’re weeding to prevent sore fingers.

A Rake
A rake is one of the most universal gardening tools and equipment. While you likely use it to remove leaves in the fall, they can also be used to prepare and clear out beds.

Pruning Shears
Some are meant for small cuts, while others are designed to trim sturdy shrubs and trees. Choose a size depending on the work you expect, and prepare to buy one of each if you have a wide variety of flowers, trees and shrubs.

And, Of Course, a Hose
A long, durable hose can make your landscaping project significantly easier, as you wont have to move to different faucets or worry about areas you can’t seem to reach. Plan to buy a rain wand, which further extends your reach, and consider buying some sort of organizing rack or device to avoid annoying kinks and knots. Experts typically recommend rubber hoses with metal for sturdiness, and also suggest choosing wands with a number of settings, as some plants may need more or less water than others.

Landscaping your property can be tough work, but with the right gardening tools and equipment, you can prevent a number of common inconveniences. How many tools on this list do you need to buy for your project?

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