Lower Furnace Repair Costs With These Simple Tricks

Lower Furnace Repair Costs With These Simple Tricks

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Although it’s not what Americans want to hear and the first official day of spring is just days away, freezing temperatures and snow may persist here and there over the next couple of weeks. Households all over the U.S., especially in the North East, will continue to use at least some heat, and that means taking precautions to make sure these systems continue running efficiently. Thanks to extreme temperatures, many households are seeing a sharp increase in furnace repair costs in particular, and emergency furnace repair companies have their hands full. Here are a few simple ways to make certain your furnace gets through the next few weeks:

Change The Filter One To Three Times A Month

The 301,123 U.S. men and women working for heating and cooling companies generally agree: it is important to change your filter regularly. How regularly depends on the type of filter; older furnace filters should be replaced once every month for best results. Newer, energy efficient types can be replaced once every 90 days. Failing to replace your filter leads to dirt and particle buildup. This requires your furnace to work harder and longer, which drives up electric bills and may increase the likelihood of furnaces breaking.

It’s Not Always Wise To Mess With The Thermostat

Furnace repair costs are significant, and avoiding them may outweigh the small savings from constantly turning the thermostat a few degrees up or down. Gas furnaces, a feature in more than 60% of U.S. households, “cut on and off 90,000 times” during their years of use. Constantly manipulating the thermostat only makes this worse. Experts recommend adjusting temperatures by no more than seven degrees. This fluctuation is generally small enough to lower heating costs, while posing no serious threat to your furnace. Larger deviations will spur your furnace into overdrive, which can lead to a greater need for maintenance and repair.

Don’t be a regular customer at local furnace repair companies. Keep your furnace in working order by changing the filter as necessary and adjusting household temperatures by a maximum of seven degrees.

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