A Fool-Proof Buying Guide for Garden Sheds

A Fool-Proof Buying Guide for Garden Sheds

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Spring is the season for gardening — and looking at buying a garden shed if you don’t already have one. Sheds and garages are a must-have for any homeowner, but garden sheds are especially necessary for homeowner’s with a green thumb. More than 21 million people in the UK own a garden shed, and they’re even more popular in the U.S. Here’s a short, three-part buying guide for finding the right garden shed.

1. Look for quality.
One of the most important things you need to look for when you’re shopping for a shed is quality. Most Amish sheds are build 100% from wood, which is a pretty enduring material if it’s treated right. Cheap garden sheds are sometimes made from plastic or resin, which isn’t as sturdy and can be unsightly. Make sure the roof has a pitch and is well constructed, especially if you live in an area that experiences a lot of snowfall.

2. Buy a shed with windows.
Aside from the quality of the materials and the construction of the shed itself, you should also look for a shed that has windows. Having windows in a shed is handy for a few different reasons. You’ll be able to open the windows when you’re doing work planting and potting inside the shed so that the temperature doesn’t get too high. Furthermore, you’ll be able to leave seedlings and other recently potted plants in front of the window to get them started without having to subject them to the weather.

3. Size matters.
Most garden and corner sheds are pretty small, and a lot of homeowners try to look for the biggest dimensions they can for the most storage space, but this isn’t necessarily the right way to do it. Start thinking differently about the space and look for taller walls than wider dimensions. Having that vertical space is just as good as having horizontal space if you install shelves.

Do you have any tips for someone shopping for a new shed? Feel free to share them with us by joining the discussion in the comments section below.

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