DIY Design 4 Ways To Decorate A Garden Shed For Landscaping

DIY Design 4 Ways To Decorate A Garden Shed For Landscaping

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Want to get the most out of your new garden shed? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to incorporate it into your existing garden and landscape? Here’s a few simple pieces of advice for new shed owners:

1. Choose The Right Materials

Some discount sheds are built with cheap wood laminate or even particle board, whereas Amish built sheds are made from 100% wood. Recently, many urban gardeners have been installing garden sheds with modern steel panels.

Whether you choose a metal shed or an Amish built shed, make sure the materials match with the exterior of your home. A more traditional looking Amish built shed goes with most home styles, like Tudor homes, rustic designs, and vinyl siding.

2. Decorate Your Shed For The Holidays

A garden shed doesn’t have to just take up space in your backyard. Come Halloween, it can become a spooky audition to a haunted house (spiders already included!), and at Christmas, a touch of lights can brighten up your entire property.

Regardless, you should wash your shed several times a year to both ensure its longevity and aesthetic value.

3. Build A Path Or Border For Custom Sheds

If you have enough room to spare, you might consider building a small stone or gravel border to surround the walls of your shed. Even lining only one or two sides with stones will make an ordinary garden shed look like a professional landscaping project. You can also construct a pathway from your front or backdoor to the shed entrance, which both looks great and protects your shoes on those rainy, muddy days.

4. Plant Flowers Around An Amish Garden Shed

Plain wooden sheds in the corner of lawns don’t draw the eye, but by simply planting a few flowers around the base of a new shed, you can blend the structure in with the existing features of your yard. You can even combine a small garden plot with step two, incorporating flowers into the stone or gravel border around the new shed.

And don’t forget to worry about the inside of your custom shed, otherwise it will soon be so full of pests and dust you’ll never want to use it at all!

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