How to Digitize Your Old Photos

How to Digitize Your Old Photos

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Photographs of family members and friends are more than just pictures; they’re tangible, precious reminders of memories that can last a lifetime. In fact, research shows that approximately 24% of surveyed Americans rated family photos as one of their top documented pieces of information — ranking them even more highly than birth certificates or Social Security cards.

Despite the fact that so many people value these photos of loved ones, research indicates that an estimated 44% of parents have trouble finding photos and videos of their children when they want to access them. In addition, 47% noted that they had no plans for how they wanted to preserve these images for their children as they got older. While it’s great to have hard copies of photos, in today’s digital age, it’s also practical to use some form of scan slides service.

Digital photo services such as a scan slides service take one’s old photographs and scan them onto a computer in a digital form to be saved in high quality in a secure location. And with studies stating that more than 3.5. trillion photographs have been taken since the first photograph 186 years ago, there are plenty of image scanning services out there for interested clients to choose from.

Read on to learn more about finding a slide scan service in your area!

Finding an Affordable Picture Digitizing Service:

  • The first thing to do when looking for digital photo services is to look around in your neighborhood — you might be surprised at what you pass by everyday without realizing it. If you still seem to be having trouble, try going online and searching something like “scan slides service.” This should bring up links to the nearest services in your area.
  • If at all possible, don’t settle on the first scan slides service you come across. The last thing you want is to digitize your pictures online to find out that a different company could have done it for a much cheaper price. See if the businesses have listings on their websites regarding prices and services; be sure to compare before settling on one.
  • After you find a company that suits you and your budget, you want to organize your photos and figure out exactly how many you need converted to digital files. Feel free to separate photos based on occasion; the staff member at the digital photo service should be able to place them into distinct digital albums as well.
  • Depending on how many photos you have, the time it takes to digitize all your pictures may vary. Be sure to ask the staff member for an approximate waiting time — you may even be able to leave and come back to view your digitized images.

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