Plan Your Best Party Ever Just By Making a Simple Checklist

Plan Your Best Party Ever Just By Making a Simple Checklist

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Planning a party can be majorly stressful, as any host or hostess knows! But luckily, there are plenty of tips, tricks, apps, and websites that can help you figure out a way to streamline your party and make it a smashing success! One great way to help figure out all the steps and leave no stone unturned is to make a “planning a party checklist!” Once you’ve made your list, it’s also very satisfying to cross off all the items on it and know that you’re methodically going about the set up the right way. Whether you’re doing something smaller scale, like a backyard party, to organizing something much larger, like a street festival or a wedding, it’s always important to stay organized!
What Things Should Definitely Be On My Planning a Party Checklist?

  • Venue
  • If you’re having a big event, like a wedding, graduation party, or another event where there are sure to be a lot of people in attendance, you might want to consider table and chair rentals or a tent rental, especially if it’s going to be outdoors. A beautiful sailcloth tent can make an event look classy and offer protection from rainy weather — although if the rain is accompanied by wind, you might want to have a Plan B as well! Even better for you, a good rental company should have lots of experience in the business and may even be able to offer you advice or tips to help things run even more smoothly. It makes sense to get tables, chairs, and linens from the same company, so if you’re renting, see what else they offer that you might need! The more you can get from one place, the easier it’ll be for you!

  • Invitations and Food
  • Other than venue, you’ll also want to think about invitations — something as informal as an email or telephone call, to sending personalized invitations. Having enough food and beverage is also important to consider — perhaps every host or hostess’s worst fear is running out of food! Do keep in mind that the more you offer, the more likely the guests are to take advantage of it; for example, if you offer tea or coffee, around 80% of those invited are inclined to accept it. Take a head count (and be firm about RSVPing) and be sure to estimate more food than you’ll need, within reason.

  • Decorations
  • As far as decorating, you can often get outside help with this aspect, in the form of actual designers, or even just some crafty family and friends, if you don’t want to spend the money, or if the event is much more casual. Sometimes simple can be the best way to go. One good way to organize decorating is to choose three main colors and center the theme around that. Accessories like napkins, plates, and other paper accessories like pom-poms or balloons can help uphold your chosen color scheme. This way, everything looks put together and organized!

Lessen your party stress by making the perfect “planning a party checklist” and sticking to it! You’re sure to pull off the perfect event.

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