Tips for Making Your Cabin Camping Adventure Great

Tips for Making Your Cabin Camping Adventure Great

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Camping is one of most Americans’ favorite way to take a vacation. More than 40 million Americans took camping trips in 2010. All in all, there were 515 million camping trips taken that year. Most campers like to take more than one camping trips. According to a recent survey, the campers who responded said they were planning to take around five camping trips that year. Many more said they were planning at least two or three camping trips. Many people have fond memories of camping trips they took as kids. Even if your family does not like the idea of sleeping in a tent, there are other ways you can enjoy the great outdoors and spend time with your family and friends. Renting vacation cabins has become a popular way for families to have a great time camping.

  1. Reserve your vacation spot. Many campgrounds offer vacation cabins for rent. Once you have picked a campground, you should call and see how far in advance you should book your cabin. If you are planning your trip during the peak season you may have to reserve your spot many months in advance. Cabin camping has become a lot more popular over the past few years so as soon as you know you want to rent one, you should call the campground.
  2. Aak about the cabin’s amenities. Usually these are listed on the website for the park but to be safe, you should ask the park when you make your reservations. Make sure you ask about your cooking options, heating and cooling amenities and if the cabin has electricity. Every park does this differently. Some campgrounds with cabins offer cabins that rival a great hotel while others have vacation cabins that are little more than a structure with walls and a roof. Before you pack for your family vacation, make sure you know what will be waiting for you at the park.
  3. Pack clothes that are good for layering. You may think you know what the weather is going to be like but then it can change. You should pack your clothes to be ready to dress in layers. This will make everyone more comfortable no matter what the weather throws your way.
  4. Pick a campground that offers your favorite activities. Most campers say they like to take part in a variety of activities. Nearly 87% of respondents to a recent survey say they like to do at least several things while camping. While most campgrounds have a number of different things to offer campers, some specialize in certain actives. Most offer great hiking but if you also want to go fishing or canoeing, you should make sure the campground offers those things.
  5. Ask the campground staff for suggestions. If you talk to the people who work at the campground, they can give you a good idea of what the best things to do and see are at that park. They know it better than anyone and can be a very valuable resource for ideas and suggestions about the park. They may even give you some insider tips to enjoying the park.
  6. Plan for bad weather. While camping trips, even camping trips taken in vacation cabins, are usually centered around doing things outside but the weather may not always cooperate.. If it does rain when you are on your trip, you should have some activities for your family to do together planned to take advantage of your time together. I you do not have something planned, your entire family will be back on their wireless devices before you can say, Snap Chat.

Many American adults have great memories of the family vacations they took as children. Camping vacations offer families a chance to do something modern living does not; the chance to spend quality time with the people we love doing fun things. It can be great to unplug from mobile technology and disengage from social media and avoid email for a few days. Vacation cabins for camping can offer people who hate the idea of sleeping in a cold tent a chance to enjoy camping. Take advantage of the time you spend together without all the interruptions of the digitally connected world.

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