Essential Premarital Counseling Topics Before Getting into Marriage

Essential Premarital Counseling Topics Before Getting into Marriage

Premarital counseling topics

When you are in love, there are so many things that you tend to disregard before you say “Yes I do.” Typically, it is sensible to look at marriage and wedding as two different things. The truth is that there are so many things to take into account to design a game plan for your life and marriage. Some of the essential premarital counseling topics to add to the equation include money, kids, religion, and in-laws.


Faith is an important aspect of a stable marriage. While it is essential to appreciate and embrace the many hurdles that marriage brings, faith helps to keep you motivated and energized. When your faith is aligned, so are your principles and values. A partner who supports you and works with you to strengthen faith in your marriage, family and religion has your best interests at heart. Moreover, faith helps in creating a working roadmap for your marriage.


During the session with a family counselor, try to find each other’s expectations about kids. Determine how many kids your partner wants and the best approach to raising them. Talk about how your families raise children and agree on the best ways that are workable for both of you. Kids may not be coming soon, but it is helpful to set things right and create a working agreement.


Money has always been one of the biggest problems in marriages and it is one of the essential premarital counseling topics. If it is possible, it is necessary to make everything open as possible to avoid any future problems emanating from money. Know your partner’s spending habits and their saving plans. Let them open up about their credit card debt and student loans, and must have a debt plan in place to settle all the debts.


It is important to find out what kind of people your in-laws are. How deep are they going to get involved in your life? You will also determine how you want them to be involved. Discuss how to relate with in-laws while keeping the necessary distance away from them. If some will be coming to visit, it is necessary for them to respect your space and family.

A marriage can prosper and survive if the partners agree on these essential premarital counseling topics. Decide when to see a couples counselor and get ready with premarital questions that you may want to pose to your partner. Taking advantage of couples counseling exercises helps to establish a common path to a successful and happy marriage.

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