Some Tips for Making Your Next Party Light Up!

Some Tips for Making Your Next Party Light Up!

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Are you looking for some fun–and functional–decorating ideas for a backyard party? Have you considered renting LED furniture? It can light up the night for summer barbecues, graduation parties, Sweet 16s, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and other festive occasions, including retirement parties, weddings, and wedding receptions.

LED furniture can illuminate your garden or terrace during the evening, and you’ll still be able to see the stars. It can also provide a welcoming ambiance for your pool or jacuzzi party, and provide additional light as it grows dark. Consider setting up an outdoor bar with LED lighting in one or more of these areas to create a vacation-getaway mood.

You can also bring LED furniture indoors to create a soft, low-light environment with a variety of colors. Just imagine creating your own cocktail lounge setting so your guests can relax and visit while sipping their favorite beverages.

Are you planning to have live music or a DJ at your event? Then you’ll want to include a dance floor rental, too. Other essential backyard party rentals include tents of different sizes and materials. Add in some sparkling LED lights along with other fun tent accessories, and it will be like you have your own private club.

When you’re planning a large gathering, it makes sense to rent everything you need from the same rental party supply company. Even if you’re planning to spend the evening dancing, you’ll want somewhere for your guests to relax between music sets.

When you seek the assistance and guidance of a professional full-service event rental company, you’ll be able to check all of these items off of your list:

    Chair covers
    Table cloths
    Table runners
    Dance floors
    Party tents
    Sailcloth tents
    LED lights
    LED furniture

Have you thought about your color scheme? While your first thought may be to choose an elegant, sophisticated palette of soft colors, why not have fun with mixing and matching bold colors, patterns, and textures?

Since more couples are having outdoor weddings, you may also be interested in renting sailcloth tents. These are nautically-inspired and made from a lightweight, white translucent sailcloth. You’ll feel like you’re floating beneath a parachute, which can add to the romantic mood. This is just one of many reasons why more brides and special event planners are choosing this type of tent.

Even if you’re not planning to serve an elaborate meal, you will still want to have areas where your guests can sit to enjoy their hors d’oeuvres and wine. Creating inviting seating arrangements is also a wonderful way to encourage socializing. If you’re hosting a Sweet 16, a Bar or a Bat Mitzvah, then you know that sometimes teenagers need a bit of encouragement.

Whether you’re planning a small event or a large one with multiple guest-filled tents, you may want to create even more space with an additional dance floor rental. When you have guests of all ages, especially at weddings and family reunions, sometimes the younger generation may prefer their own dance floor.

When you want to create a special romantic area for the engaged or married couple to dance through the night, you’ll be please that you decided to go with a second dance floor rental then.

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