Are You in the Process of Potty Training Your Toddler?

Are You in the Process of Potty Training Your Toddler?

Baby bed sheets

If you were to scroll your social media timelines right now you would see hundreds of adorable photos. Pictures of young children playing in wading pools on the first day of summer. Snapshots of adorable little boys eating watermelon outside as they practice their seed spitting skills. And you know that you will find plenty of still and video shots of children of all ages, both girls and boys, playing with adorable kitties and puppies.
Behind all of these cute photos, however, lies the difficult task of what childhood and parenting is really about. Although we love the photos of the wading pools, mothers know that what we are often wading in is the messiness of dirty diapers, potty training, and upset tummies. Likewise, the pictures of little boys eating watermelon and the most adorable pets are the ones that you post for your friends to see, but the more typical pictures in your home are of piles of sheets and blankets that need to be washed again. And again.
Fortunately, with the help of waterproof fitted sheet double loads of mattress covers are not also part of the picture. As a parent, you have likely realized the advantages to using crib sheet protectors, potty training sheets, and, sometimes, waterproof fitted sheet double sizes as well. With the right kinds of planning and purchases, the messiness of nighttime accidents for children of all ages do not need to mean stained mattresses.
Waterproof Sheets for Babies, Toddlers, and Older Children Can Make Parenting a Little Easier
Whether you are a first time parent or you are a long time expert, you likely know that parenting can be a challenge. And while many things about raising children can be fun, dirty diapers, wet sheets, and ruined mattresses are not even mildly entertaining. The most efficient parents quickly realize that planning for these problems ahead of time can be a real time saver. By using special bedding products like waterproof fitted sheet double sizes you can limit the amount of clean up that you need to deal with in the morning.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the difficult tasks of parenting that the most popular and entertaining social media posts never address:

  • 15% of children still wet the bed at age five.
  • Newborns sleep a total of 10.5 to 18 hours a day, meaning that they are spending more time in their crib than out.
  • 82% of Americans find one extra hour of sleep at night somewhat, or extremely, valuable. If you are always up trying to dry out mattresses, you simply are not going to get the amount of rest that you need.
  • School-aged children, those in first through fifth grades, typically get 9.5 hours of sleep. Experts, however, recommend 10 to 11 hours. Waterproof sheets allow for fast clean up in the middle of night, hopefully helping everyone get back to sleep after a night time accident.

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