Five Ways to Increase Storage Space in Single Family Homes

Five Ways to Increase Storage Space in Single Family Homes

Single family home

Every person wants their home to look as clean as possible. Single family homes are very popular home choices. One study by Zillow found that 83 percent of buyers are looking for a single family home. However, cleaning is a task that is sometimes easier said than done. One reason people don’t want to get rid of clutter is the fear that it takes a long time. However, following the right tips will ensure your home is free from clutter. Many of the tips you are about to see are easy to implement. In this post, you will learn how to increase storage space in your single family home.

  • Make Use of Vertical Space: One easy way to increase the storage space is your home is to walls and doors. Adding shelving units next to a wall will open up the storage possibilities. You can find various shapes and styles of shelving to work with. The items you want to place on shelves is up to you. For example, collectors may want to display their favorite items. Gamers can include shelves as storage for their many video games.
  • Shoe Racks Make a Great Storage Solution: A trouble area in certain homes is the floor near the front door. It is common for people to kick their shoes off when they get home. A floor filled with shoes is a cluttered area that could be dangerous. You don’t want to be leaving for work, only to stumble over piles of shoes. Luckily, there is an inexpensive and easy solution to implement called a shoe rack. Shoe racks will hold pairs in of shoes in place, perfect for easy access.
  • Make Removing Clutter a Game: You might start to feel dejected while removing clutter. There are many ways to cleaning more fun than it is. Giving yourself a reward to look forward to works well for completing mundane tasks. For instance, you could allow yourself to buy something you’ve had your eye on after removing clutter. Turning on your favorite music can help to make cleaning tasks go by faster. One study by Zillow found that 48 percent of buyers want a home that has never been lived in. Keeping a home free from clutter will help make your home look like it has never been lived in when resale time comes around.
  • Consider Folding Furniture: Having bulky furniture takes away space from a home. Oversized furniture will swallow smaller rooms until there is hardly any space left. Those in smaller homes may want to purchase a few pieces of folding furniture. One popular piece of folding furniture is the futon. A futon provides the user with both a bed and couch, all in one piece of furniture. Folding tables work well for providing guests with space that can be put up easily. Research shows that, in 2017, 61 percent of home buyers will be under 35 years old. Many younger homeowners will love having folding furniture when friends visit.
  • Include Dividers in Cluttered Drawers: Nearly every home in the United States has a junk drawer. Having a spot for items you don’t know what to do is great. However, including dividers in a junk drawer will help keep it much more orderly. You could include custom markers on your dividers for items including receipts, bill copies, and other important items. Finding plastic dividers provides an inexpensive solution to keep problem areas organized.
  • In summary, there are several ways to improve space in single family housing. You can either buy shelving or make your own. Shelves provide safe and sturdy storage space for a wide range of items, including books, movies, and video games. Shoe racks are great for clearing away floors filled with shoes. Folding furniture is a purchase that makes finding storage space much easier. Cluttered drawers and cabinets are easily tamed with the use of plastic dividers.

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