Information Rich Why the Right Sources of Information is Vital to the Home Buying Process

Information Rich Why the Right Sources of Information is Vital to the Home Buying Process

Homes for sale in a classic community

Buying your own home, whether for the first time or as an investment, is a huge step. It can be extremely daunting especially if you are new to the world of mortgages, lending rates, and real estate negotiations. Little wonder then that close to 60% of those purchasing a new home would have liked to have known more about the details and terms of their mortgage. Up to a third of all those looking for homes for sale are first time home buyers and could do with exert advice and knowledge of the real estate market. There are a variety of different sources that can offer this support if you are wanting to buy a new home, whether in a classic community setting of luxury townhomes or a more modern city center environment.

Over 40% of those looking for houses turn to the Internet to search for homes for sale, in comparison to the 14% who opted to contract a realtor. Both sources, though, ranked highly in a survey of home buyers, with real estate agents rated as a very useful source of home buying information by 78% of respondents. Digital sources were cited by as much as 82% of respondents as useful. Home buying is an invested not only of money but also of time. Most buyers look at about 10 homes on average before selecting their idea property. This is a process that takes roughly 10 weeks, meaning a good source of information to help guide you through it is even more vital.

The source you choose can impact on the process and journey you take to home ownership. In contrast to the 10-week time period and average of 10 homes associated with those who opted for an online search, those who go for more traditional means such as realtors halve both those figures, making the time to settling down in your new home community even shorter. The benefit of a digital search is often focused on the information you can access prior to viewing, namely photographs, which 87% of buyers listed as useful, and detailed descriptions, which were useful for 84% of those surveyed. This could be why more than 90% of those house shopping now choose the Internet as their search tool, with mobile and tablet use for this purchase reaching 60% on weekends.

Buying a home is about finding the right home in the ideal neighbourhood for you, rather than spending ages searching through a myriad of homes for sale. Whether you choose the traditional real estate agent as your home buying guide or start with an online site to help you through the process, getting the guidance and support from something is vital to ease the process and ensure that your home purchase is one you will remember for all the right reasons.

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