Keep Your Independence with the Help of Custom Walking Canes

Keep Your Independence with the Help of Custom Walking Canes

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As we age, things that we once took for granted become more difficult. Keeping safe and maintaining our independence can become a struggle; if you’re like one in four older adults residing in the United States, you may have experienced a fall in the last year.

Falls can lead to our loved ones feeling concerned about us and reluctant to leave us home alone as over 50% of all falls in older adults take place at home. Whether you’re feeling unsteady on your feet or dizzy when standing or walking, two of the most common causes of falling, it might be time to look into a variety of custom walking canes.

There are many different kinds of custom walking canes; whether you’re looking for something that is easy to store like one of the many different kinds of folding canes, or you’re looking for a cane with a seat, there’s plenty to choose from!

Of Americans, aged 65 and over, 10.2% of them use a cane. Some need a cane for walking and are looking for wooden canes, others lean more towards decorative walking canes, or even carbon fiber canes. Regardless of style, custom walking canes can allow seniors to have confidence in their balance.

Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall. Do not allow yourself to become another devastating statistic; instead, reach for your walking stick and allow it not only keep your balance but your freedom! No one wants to end up in an emergency room over something that could have possibly been avoided by using a cane.

Our families and friends care for us and want us to continue to live an active and engaging life. In order to do so, we’ve got to be able to get around! Instead of relying on furniture or hand rails, that aren’t always available, lean on a walking cane and get where you’re going safely and with confidence. While it might take some getting used to, custom walking canes are your best bet if you’re prone to dizziness or feeling unsteady. They’ll help you stay on your feet and on the move!

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