Need Some Space? Storage Units Can Make Sure You’re Always Keeping Track Of Your Belongings

Need Some Space? Storage Units Can Make Sure You’re Always Keeping Track Of Your Belongings

Storage unit

Nobody wants their belongings stolen. This is a decent enough catch-all statement…but how do you make sure your things actually stay safe in today’s stressed world?

Storage units aren’t a bad place to start. Designed from the ground up to provide you with extra security, these locations can protect your items from everything ranging from prying hands to bad weather. Indoor RV storage is ideal for campers who want a little peace-of-mind when they’re not camping, while general storage units can prove useful for families who are finding they have a few too many things for their attic. Considering some storage facilities for the new year? Then you’ll want to store these tips for safekeeping so you can get the most out of your purchase.

Did You Know?

How often do Americans rely on storage to supplement their day-to-day? More often than you might think. The United States boasts over 50,000 storage facilities, which is more than five times the number of Starbucks. No joke! Another one out of every 10 Americans will actively rent offsite storage to pad out their vacation time or just keep some strain off their home. Which storage units suit you best depend on how long you want to use them for and for what kind of items.

RV Owners

Do you own an RV? Then listen up! Storage units are more than capable of shielding your RV through thick and thin, giving you some downtime even as you come back from your downtime. The average RV owner is around 50 years old and married, with an annual household income of $68,000 or so. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association estimated around nine million households own some kind of RV or boat, meaning storage units for rent have their work cut out for them! Another study saw you can save up to 25% on vacation costs by traveling in an RV.

Large Families

Perhaps you don’t own an RV and just want to store some old knick-knacks or sports equipment. Out of all American self-storage renters, according to an industry study, over 60% have a garage at home already. Another 45% have an attic they use on a semi-frequent to frequent basis and 30% have a basement. It’s more than a little helpful to have storage units take the stress off your already cluttered life, giving you the opportunity to turn that attic or basement into a rec room or entertainment center.

Frequent Campers

Let’s double back to families who regularly go out and enjoy the great outdoors. You have tents, sleeping bags and all sorts of equipment to stash away during the cold months and sometimes your garage just isn’t enough. That’s before we even get into the ice and water damage that can build up when you’re not looking, leading to all sorts of damaged items and yucky mold! Over 25% of households with a two-car garage don’t have room to park a car inside, with another 30% of homes only having room for one car.

What To Look For In Storage Units

You’re tired of your cramped spaces and want an out. Let storage facilities cure what’s ailing you. According to the Self Storage Association, there are around seven feet of storage space for every adult and child in the country. When you want to take charge of yours, storage units have the accommodations you’re seeking. Figure out the length of time you’ll need (is it year-round or just for a month?) as well as the protection you need (valuables or items you prefer to keep out of the rain?). Getting these out of the way will put you on the fast track to enjoying your extra freedom without worry.

We all need our space. Let storage units give you some room to breathe.

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