Videogames Are An $18 Billion Industry What Kind Of Videogames Do You Like To Play?

Videogames Are An $18 Billion Industry What Kind Of Videogames Do You Like To Play?

Gaming bean bag chair

Where do videogames fit into your everyday life?

Some people spend an hour or two in their favorite MMORPG to cool down after a stressful shift. Others like to open up their favorite app games while on the bus to pass the time. Videogames are a modern art form that have taken no time at all to become near and dear to our hearts. Not only do people play them on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis, many interior design niches have been favoring furniture that embraces gamer personalities. From bean bag gaming chairs to retro throwback ideas, there’s no limit to what you can do for your favorite hobby.

Here are a few fun ideas on how to transform your home into the ultimate entertainment center.

Did You Know?

Before we look into colorful corduroy bean bag chairs, let’s see how videogames have become more popular than ever. A recent study found as many as 155 million Americans will play videogames on a regular basis, which is nothing to say of those who play once in a while or solely with friends. Four out of five American households own a videogame console (or two) and nearly 50% of gamers actively prefer to play social games, such as MMOs or multiplayer. The average age of the American gamer is 35, though there are many who are younger and quite a few who are older. If you know anybody, you likely know a few who love gaming!

Embrace Your Unique Tastes

We all offer something wonderful to videogame culture. This can be our preference for turn-based RPGs or our love of corduroy bean bag chairs in our entertainment center. The sky’s the limit! The average gamer will spend over six hours per week playing with others online, with the gender split between female and male gamers evening out more and more over the years. Being honest about your preferences will help better shape your interior design to favor your habit.

Make Sure You Have Good Wi-Fi

Something you don’t want to be without if you find yourself enjoying online games on a regular basis is good wi-fi. This can mean completely overhauling your set-up or applying for a faster Ethernet service. There are many fantastic packages specifically designed not just to run fast, but smoothly and consistently no matter what. That means no dropping out of a match mid-way completely unexpectedly! The value of the videogame market back in 2017 was a staggering $18 billion. Where does a fuzzy bean bag chair come into the mix, though?

Choose Only The Most Comfortable Furniture

Your entertainment center should be somewhere you look forward to, rather than a cramped, dusty little space you can’t wait to leave. Specialized interior design industries (meaning household arrangements that favor a niche like videogames or music) are expected to rise at an impressive rate of 20% over the next decade. Corduroy bean bag chairs are a great option for those that want to match fashion with aesthetic, offering a retro vibe to any videogame set-up. A nice bean bag chair can be paired alongside side-tables and futons for a space that’s easy to clean and customize.

Build Your Entertainment Center This Year

With stress levels higher than they’ve ever been, we all need a little escapism to get through the work week. Furniture and furnishing sales alike have hit an impressive $100 billion these past few years, with a significant portion going to entertainment centers for movie nights and, yes, videogame gatherings. Make this the year you start to re-think your space and how it can support you, rather than simply house you. Corduroy bean bag chairs can be found at your standard bean bag store alongside additional furniture accessories.

Videogames are only getting better from here. How can a new set-up or series of corduroy bean bag chairs change the way you look at your favorite hobby?

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