Dementia Long Term Care Facilities and Other Options for Living Situations Later in Life

Dementia Long Term Care Facilities and Other Options for Living Situations Later in Life

Many people approach growing older with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is a blessing to have the opportunity to live a long, full life, but on the other hand, there is a fear that comes along with old age. This fear can manifest itself as a result of the knowledge that death is closer than it has been, or that there could be a higher chance of an illness or condition that will change the last years of life for the individual. It is important to face that fear, and to find the proper resources that can assist with difficult transitions ahead.

A transition to assisted living

It is common for many elderly individuals to find a nursing home, retirement community, or assisted living apartments when the time comes that they either need a bit of extra help or they want to be in an environment with people their age going through some of the same things. Some people are healthy right up until the end, while many others see their health starting to deteriorate, as is natural with older age. Though it is a natural part of life, it can still be quite scary or difficult to face.

One study showed that over half of the participants said that their biggest fear when it came to a chronic illness, event, or long term care was that they would end up being an unwanted burden on family members. Many were five times more worried about being a burden than they were about actually dying. While this fear is often more amplified for the person being cared for than those giving the care, it can still be helpful and worthwhile for all parties involved to look into some sort of retirement home that will be comfortable for the beloved elderly family member.

Different types of assisted living centers

It is wise to do a bit of looking around when you are searching for a care facility, because different people obviously have different needs. The reasons behind the need for assisted living care are varied, but in such a facility, each resident is able to receive the personalized care they require to function from day to day. About 40% of residents in such a facility receive help with at least three daily activities, such as dressing and bathing. In many facilities, there is supervision or available assistance around the clock. In addition, snacks and meals are prepared, and other services such as health care social services, medication management, laundry, maintenance, and housekeeping, among many others, are provided as well.

Perhaps the best part about becoming part of such a community is the likelihood that the new resident will make new friends, develop new interests, and try new things, leading to an improved quality of life and a better experience than they might have originally expected.

Memory care assisted living facilities

Dementia and issues with memory are among the most common issues for those who are growing older. It can be a terrifying experience to witness your own mind begin to slip away and not be as reliable as it once was. The early detection of dementia can help with management and learning how to cope with this scary change, and looking into high quality dementia long term care facilities can certainly be beneficial. The right dementia long term care facilities are uniquely equipped and staffed in such a way to be able to provide a stable, safe, and enjoyable lifestyle and environment for those struggling to understand the plight of dementia and memory loss. These dementia long term care facilities are designed to help with what could be considered one of the most difficult transitions in life.

Whether you are looking into independent living retirement communities for a sense of camaraderie or at dementia long term care facilities to aid with that hardship, making the decision with family members, trusted friends, and experienced professionals can help to put your mind at ease.

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