Four Occasions To Get Flowers Delivered

Four Occasions To Get Flowers Delivered

If you’re wondering why get flowers delivered, look no further. There are many answers to the question of why get flowers delivered, and this article will look at a few of them. To start off with a brief answer to why get flowers delivered: you can get flowers delivered for pretty much anything, to celebrate an important event or even just to show how much you care. This article will answer the question of why get flowers delivered with four specific occasions that are perfect for flowers and a great reason as to why get flowers delivered. But if you’re asking why get flowers delivered, know that you don’t really need a reason for why get flowers delivered other than that you care about someone (or even just yourself – sending yourself flowers is likely more common than you realize) and want to show them how much. Remember, this brief article only provides a few events to answer the question of why get flowers delivered when in truth there are many more.

1. For Mother’s Day

Celebrating your mom is something all of us should do. After all, our moms do hard jobs – and often thankless ones – for many years with little reprieve. Being a mother is an amazing experience, there’s no doubt about it, but it can also be an incredibly challenging one. Being a mom requires an unending wellspring of love, as well as an amazing capacity for sacrifice. Mother’s Day is an important day to show your mom just how much you care for her, and one great way to do this is with fresh flowers. In fact, more people buy flowers on Mother’s Day than on any other day of the year, with more than thirty five percent of all American adults buying flowers or getting flowers delivered from a local florist for an important mother in their own life. In total, adults and children alike, more than sixty five percent of all people in the United States will buy their mother – or another important mother in their life – flowers or else have them delivered, such as to their place of work for a happy surprise.

2. For Valentine’s Day

Ah, love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your romantic love with a flower delivery. Flower shops are buys on Valentine’s Day, as this one day represents more than thirty percent (one third) of all fresh flower sales for the entire year. It’s a busy day, but a very special one. Some people, those who are single, will even send themselves flowers as a pick me up or to show some self love and self care, both important things. And though it’s usually women getting flowers on Valentine’s Day, men like to get flowers too, with more than thirty five percent of women purchasing flowers and having them delivered to their male partners.

3. Weddings

Weddings are often made beautiful through the use of flowers. From floral arrangements to the flower girl – of which more than half of all weddings (sixty percent of them, to be more exact) include – flower deliveries and total flower costs make up very nearly ten percent of the typical wedding budget. Flowers can add a little extra beauty and a little something special to the typical wedding event.

4. Holidays

Flower deliveries are common even during the winter holidays. Plants are a popular gift given by many – as much as thirty percent of the adult population of the United States. While many strains of flowers and plants are out of season by the time that the winter holidays like Hanukah and Christmas have rolled around, many local florists will have greenhouses and will also be selling traditional Christmas plants, such as the pointsetta.

If you’re wondering why get flowers delivered to someone, there are many reasons to do so. From anniversaries to birthdays to graduations to holidays, there are many reasons to get flowers delivered to someone special in your life. In fact, flowers can be received by yourself as well, as a gesture of self love and appreciation. Getting flowers delivered to someone is an inherently small gesture, but it is one that can mean the world to the recipient of said delivered flowers.

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