Organization Is Key To Good Mental Health The Five Benefits Of Reducing Clutter In Your Home

Organization Is Key To Good Mental Health The Five Benefits Of Reducing Clutter In Your Home

Organization makes sense of life’s clutter and noise.

You’re taught at a young age to put your toys away and make your bed. As an adult you carry about a planner to jot down obligations as they come or make sure to set alarms on your phone. We move throughout life organizing on a rolling basis, though some certainly get the hang of it better than others. Where there’s a will, there’s a way: the best home organization products are designed to get you up to speed on all those good habits you thought you lost. A clean and tidy home, apart from looking beautiful, will go a long way in improving your health and saving you time.

Not swayed? Here are five benefits to organization you might be taking for granted.

Your Mood Will See A Significant Boost

Do you feel grouchy and weary throughout the week? While there’s no cure-all for life’s varied ills, there are ways of mitigating your mood through organization. Clutter has been closely linked to increased rates of anxiety and concentration issues. This includes (but isn’t limited to) dirty floors, misplaced accessories, overstuffed closets, corners crammed with belongings, and piles of laundry. Clearing up your life starts with getting a cube organizer with doors and picking out the items you interact with most during the workweek.

Mental Health And Cleaning Are One In The Same

You’re not just imagining it. Good mental health can be cultivated with routine cleaning, organizing, and decorating. Crafting, for starters, can release dopamine (also known as the ‘feel good chemical’). An interesting study published in The British Journal Of Occupational Therapy found over 80% of respondents with depression stating they feel happier after knitting. Organizing using a cube organizer with doors or an enclosed shoe storage can achieve much of the same effect.

Save Time Digging Around For Lost Items

For those that already craft regularly, this next one might have you leaning back in surprise. Constantly digging around for your car keys or planner may be a way of life, but it doesn’t have to be. The Daily Mail released an article stating that, over the course of an average lifetime, people will spend an average of 3,600 hours searching for misplaced items. That’s as many as 150 days! Additional research shows we lose up to nine items per day, adding up to a staggering 195,000 over the course of our lives.

Improve Your Productivity With A Cleaner Environment

Do you work at home? Organization can help you work better, faster, longer. You can find over 300,000 items in the average American home, with the National Soap And Detergent Association stating 80% of household clutter is the result of disorganization rather than a lack of space. Clutter isn’t conducive to a productive time, affecting your mood and wasting precious minutes that could be spent accomplishing a task. A cubed organizer to keep track of your documents or cube organizer bins to recycle trash can change the way you look at your busy hours.

Enjoy A Less Hectic And Happier Week With Home Organization

It’s hard to believe a cube organizer with doors holds so much potential, but that’s the magic of organization. It gets your life in order one rearranged item and lost accessory at a time. A study by NPR revealed the average American home has nearly tripled over the past 50 years, getting bigger and bigger in every sense of the word. People buy more clothes than ever, more furniture than ever, and organization has seen a curious regression in spite of it all. Furniture organization ideas don’t have to be an expensive overhaul.

It can start with magnetic canisters or a cube organizer with doors to keep you from growing gray hairs Monday morning.

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