Move the Green Way!

Move the Green Way!

You’re moving otherwise why would you be here. Great! You’re probably wondering the best way to go about it. Moving can sometimes be a nebulous and tedious ordeal. One thing that might be bothering you is how to get rid of all the stuff you just realized you no longer need or no longer want. It’s easy to just put trash on the curb but we live in a time where we must be conscious of your impact on the environment. Here are some tips to move the Green Way.

Hire a Junk Removal Service

There are many local moving companies that also do junk removal. It’s a good business practice for them and a great convenience for you. To kill two birds with one stone find a local moving company that removes junk and moves furniture. Do your research on which moving companies practice green moving. If they are committed to the Earth then they might use fuel-efficient or biodiesel trucks and supply you with eco-friendly moving supplies. They’d also be committed to making as few trips as possible to reduce the gas used to move their clients. Findgreen local moving companies near you.

Upcycle Your Old Furniture

Maybe your kid has outgrown their dresser. Or you have a bunch of tattered clothes that aren’t fit for donation but are hesitant to just throw them away. Upcycling your items is great for the environment AND your mental health. After the hectic move, it might help to have art projects to work on. Making art and working with your hands creatively are ways you can reduce stress. And you don’t have to be good at art to do it! There are tons of websites and Pinterest boards about upcycling furniture. You could make a rug out of woven together t-shirts. You could make a planter out of old drawers. Or you could make a stylish bench out of two old chairs. There are many possibilities. A lot of people get so caught up in life that they might forget about the joys of working with your hands for the sake of your own enjoyment. Rediscover that with upcycling.


If you don’t have local moving companies to do it for you, you can recycle on your own. Recycling can be difficult with all the symbols but once you learn them it’s sure to be a breeze. You can take your recycled items to a recycling center or if you have items that cannot be recycled, try using them as moving materials. And old tattered comforter can be great to make sure your fine china doesn’t shatter. Old food containers can hold little knick-knacks or jewelry you want to keep track of during the move. Recycling is actually a really creative endeavor because you have to think of ways to use what you’ve got. Make it a game with the kids: Who can reuse the items in their rooms the best? That is sure to bring a fun time to your move. If some things just aren’t recycleable then your local moving companies might provide a service to take it to a landfill. Not everything is recyclable but you can rest with good conscience knowing you did the best you could for your environment.

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