Renting Tables and Chairs for an Outdoor Event

Renting Tables and Chairs for an Outdoor Event

A number of events and parties can be hosted outdoors as well as indoors, as long as the event’s organizers arrange all the right hardware. Examples may include a wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah, a large birthday party, a charity meal, a meeting, and more. For these events, the attendees may enjoy the fresh air and scenery, such as at a park, but they will still want a roof over their heads. They will also need tables and chairs, and this is where party rentals such as renting stacking chairs, linen fabrics, table rental, and of course, tent rental comes in. Fortunately, many companies today are in the trade of chair rentals, such as stacking chairs or fancy wooden chairs, not to mention bar stool rentals and renting out tables of all shapes and sizes. Other companies may offer linen options, and yet others are tent rental companies that offer party tents. How to launch your dream wedding, or a large, outdoor Sweet 16 birthday party?

Calculate the Floor Space

It may be tempting to simply find a large party tent in a desired color and go from there, but that is backwards of the proper process. Instead, the event will require a certain amount of square footage, and that will determine the size of the tent. But this number should not be estimated, since a too-large tent is a waste of money and space, and a too-small tent won’t even be able to contain everything. Instead, renting stacking chairs, tables, and tents begins with the guest list.

Whatever the event may be, the event organizers will work on the guest list, and that is a whole topic in itself. Suffice to say, at some point the event organizers must settle on a finalized list, which gives them a solid head count. Now, the event organizers may start browsing their options for tables and chairs, which may range from stacking chairs to wooden chairs to square or round tables. Local table and chair rental companies can be visited for this, and those companies may offer quite a wide selection. Based on the guest list and personal preference, some types of stacking chairs and tables may be preferable over others. In short, the event organizers will figure out the size, shape, and number of tables and chairs needed, and rent them all.

Doing this allows the event organizers to calculate how much floor space all of these tables and chairs will take up, and that means calculating not just the space the items take up but space in between them, too. There must be enough room so that everyone can walk in between the tables, and people must be able to scoot their chairs in and out to sit down or leave. All of this necessary square footage is added up, and that will show how large a tent the organizers should get.

Rent Tents and Linens

The table and chair rentals have now been settled, and it is time to rent a tent and linens. Typically, tables will have linens on them for decoration and to keep stains and other materials off of the tables, and the event organizers can visit specialized linen rental companies. There, they can rent linens that are the correct size and shape for the tables, not to mention the right quantity of them. As for color and material, that’s a matter of taste, as long a the dimensions are correct. Linens can be made of silk, cotton, or other materials, and might include patterns or lace on them.

Now the organizers will visit tent rental companies and find the right tent for the job. It’s best to do this in person, so that the renters can look over each tent and check them for any defects, stains, or other problems that would ruin them. Some tents might have tears or holes in the fabric, or they might not be the desired color. Some tents might come with features such as fabric walls, which include clear plastic windows. These are a good idea for privacy’s sake, or if sudden winds come up. The tent might also have strings of lights put up on its supports, to decorate it in the evening during the event.

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