5446315_20140604_5851486Weddings are supposed to be one of the happiest times in a person’s life! Weddings typically take time to plan, find a venue, determine a date, etc. There is a lot of preparation that goes into creating your perfect wedding that’s sure to leave you and your guests speechless. I’m Eva Werner, a wedding lover and enthusiast. I’ve been to many weddings for my friends and family, and I’ve learned what it takes to create an amazing wedding. Weddings can become very stressful for the parties involved; thus, you should take some time for yourself to wind down and relax.

From the start, planning a wedding can involve you to make very difficult decisions, such as determining whether or not you’re going to invite your and your future husband’s/wife’s entire extended family, or if you’re just inviting a few members of your families, such as parents, siblings, grandparents, first cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. It can also be very difficult to decide if you want to invite your old high school and college friends, and if you’re going to invite your and your future husband’s/wife’s co-workers. You want to have the best wedding memories as possible, so you should be careful which people you invite to your wedding! I’m sure that you’re cognizant that some people, for example certain family members or old friends, may get in the way of you planning your wedding and might even hinder you from attaining your perfect wedding experience. Therefore, you should keep in mind that inviting certain people or asking them to participate in the planning process might be detrimental to you achieving a wedding filled with happy memories. You should keep in mind that it might be in your best interest to not send out a wedding invitation to someone or a number of people that are likely to impede you, your significant other, and others from enjoying this monumental occasion.

I’m very passionate about home, family, and weddings, which inspired me to design this blog. I was very close to my family growing up, and my grandparents and parents taught me the importance of family! I always loved looking at bridal gowns and everything that’s involved in creating a beautiful wedding. Now, I frequently checkout Pinterest and other website for wedding ideas and tips. You should follow my website for tips that’ll help you learn what it takes to plan or help someone else plan their perfect wedding day. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions that you have about weddings, home, and family!

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