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Journeying out on your own and breaking free from your parents’ house can be extremely exciting. You no longer have to answer to anyone, you can stay out as late as you want, and no one will tell you to clean up your room (other than the random bugs or rodents that appear when your place becomes so disgusting that you simply have to clean it).

When you start looking for apartments to live in, you will likely have a long list of local apartments for rent to choose from. This can be confusing, as there may be several places that meet your wishlist.

Here a few apartment hunting tips that may help you pinpoint the perfect new pad.

  • What Do You Want? Before you even step foot outside of your parents’ house to visit any rental property, be sure you know exactly what you are looking for, and be firm about it. You will probably head out thinking that you would be fine seeing only one bedroom apartments, but landlords are famous for “just showing” you other options. Pretty soon, a two bedroom apartment that you thought you would “just look at” will start to look enticing, and put you over your budget. So stick to your guns, and don’t waver.
  • What is Your Budget? That brings us to the most important consideration: how much you can spend per month? If you think about all the expenses that go along with an apartment — utilities, food, parking, etc. — that two bedroom apartment may be a bit out of reach. Be sure to solidify how much you want to spend before you talk to any landlord, and also keep in mind that just because you have $1,000 to spend every month, it shouldn’t all go to a $1,000-a-month rental; leave some buffer space for other expenses.
  • What Does the Place Look Like? You can tell a lot by just taking a peek at an apartment. If you notice any distinct unpleasant odors, you may want to ask if the place has been cleaned recently. Better yet, forget about that place — you will want to find something that is well-maintained, vacuumed, and freshly painted. This will assure you that the landlord actually cares about the rental, and that you won’t have any infestation problems.

With the help of these apartment hunting tips, you will be on your way to new found freedom. More can be found here:

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