The Three A’s of Independent Senior Living Communities

The Three A’s of Independent Senior Living Communities

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Around 77 million Baby Boomers will retire over the next decade, and many already have. While some of these Americans enjoy living in their own homes, some may want to move into places with less maintenance and lower costs. If this sounds like something you or a family member may be interested in, especially if no long term health problems are present, then an independent senior living community may be the right choice.

What are independent senior living communities? Unlike assisted living facilities for senior citizens, which help residents with day to day tasks, independent living is for individuals who want an alternative solution to taking care of their own home but with plenty of amenities and group activities to help them stay active in their golden years.

Think an independent living community for seniors may be right for you? Here are the three A’s — some aspect of independent senior living that can help you make this important decision:

1. Affordability. Taking care of an entire household when you don’t need the space can be daunting, and it can also be expensive. By moving into a senior community, you have more options for how you spend your time. And a senior community doesn’t necessarily mean downsizing: there are plenty of luxury senior facilities on the market, too!

2. Amenities: Just because it’s not a house does’t mean it can’t have all the comforts of home — and more! Senior living today has plenty of perks, from concierge services to transportation. Some facilities even provide meals, community centers, clubhouses, pools, and other features that make your stay like being on vacation.

3. Activities: Part of being in a community with other seniors is getting to stay social, too. Most senior facilities have regularly scheduled activities in that community, from games to special guests. Other times, they will have group trips away from the community, so you can travel with others as part of your stay.

Want more information on independent senior living centers? Be sure to find a community near you. You can also leave a comment below with any general questions. See this link for more references.

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