The Benefits of Adult Day Care Centers

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As people age, they often need more care than their loved ones can provide. But it can be difficult, as a primary caregiver, to decide to put one’s parents or other elder into a care facility. Fortunately, there are many senior housing and care options that can ease this transition, offering everything from more traditional local nursing homes to assisted living facilities that give residents privacy and independence.

But for families who aren’t ready to take the step of having elders move out of the house, there’s another care option to consider that many people don’t even know exists: adult day care centers.

Adult Day Care Is Good for Patients

Don’t be put off by its name: Adult day care is in no way about infantilizing elders. Great adult day cares offer socializing options and fun activities for seniors who might otherwise spend the day parked in front of a TV screen, for example. This can lead to a higher general quality of life (which, as has been shown many times, is also linked to life expectancy). All senior day services offer slightly different activities, so it’s important to find one that matches up with the interests of the senior in question.

Adult day cares can also support more immediate health needs such as nutritional and medication requirements, since they typically employ medical staff as well as activities coordinators. The average number of caregivers to patients varies based on the level of impairment the center caters to — some specialize in Alzheimer’s care, for example — but is generally very high, such that elders get plenty of attention.

Adult Day Care Is Good for Primary Caregivers

Day care centers can also be good for primary caregivers, by giving them a break. On the practical side, this can allow time for running errands (without worrying about seniors left alone at home) or increased earning potential.

And on the emotional side, care centers can help to mitigate the stress that inevitable comes with elder care. When primary caregivers are willing to share responsibilities with professionals, it can leave more emotional energy for positively engaging with seniors in time spent together. That’s a better environment for caregivers and elders alike.

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