Do Things The Right Way What You Should Know About Senior Housing

Do Things The Right Way What You Should Know About Senior Housing


Almost everyone has the shared experience of having a loved one in a nursing home. Almost 7 out of 10 Americans will eventually need long term care after the age of 65. Whether that person be a grandparent, parent, or spouse, there is certainly some struggle in the decision of choosing assisted living. In some cases, the person may as, to be put into senior housing for a more involved lifestyle and contact with others their own ages. But in many cases, it can be a painful decision where families feel torn about not taking care of their loved one themselves. However, again, in many cases, the loved one may need much more serious care than the family can provide, which is where assisted living facilities come in. When you compare nursing homes, you want to make sure your loved one is in the very best place for them.
Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Senior Housing?
Senior housing tends to refer to the overall umbrella that covers living arrangements that are not in the home for the elderly. This can include nursing homes, assisted living homes, independent living communities, etc.
A nursing home is usually for those who require a much higher level of medical care and attention than what can be offered at an assisted living or independent living community. There’s around the clock nursing staff available for whatever your loved one might need. Many nursing homes have people share a room, unless there are special conditions, and there’s generally a larger dining hall for everyone, as well as group activities.
Assisted living is like a midway point between independent senior housing and a nursing home–they’re mainly independent, but have support constantly on hand should they need it. They’re not quite up to living in an independent living community anymore, but don’t require as much care as those in a nursing home. Assisted living facilities vary widely-no two are generally the same, nor may they even offer similar services.
How Do I Choose What’s Best For My Loved One?
Once you’ve narrowed down the type of care they need, it’s time to start looking around. Don’t be afraid to compare nursing homes or other types of senior housing. When you compare nursing homes or other types of housing, it’s important to talk –not just to staff members, but also privately with residents to see how they feel about where they live. You’ll also want to consider where the nursing home is located. Can you and your family get there easily to see your loved one often?
It’s also important to make sure the staff are personable and friendly and that there’s enough staff for everyone to have some quality time with the staff during the day. You don’t want a brusque and rushed/overworked person caring for your loved one. Inquire what kind of training the staff has and what activities are planned for residents on a daily to weekly basis.
The most important thing to do when looking at a senior living home for your loved one is to make sure they’re getting the best quality of life they deserve. This may mean different things for different people, but in all cases, you want to take your time and do your research to give your loved one the best experience possible.

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