The Best Tips For Thrifty Gardening

The Best Tips For Thrifty Gardening

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Landscaping and gardening can significantly improve the value of your home, but it can also save you a considerable amount of money while you are still living there. From planting your own fruits and vegetables to conserving water, there are plenty of ways that you can set a little extra money aside, thanks to smart and efficient gardening. Local garden centers share their best — and thriftiest — secrets.

Never Mow Your Lawn Again (It’s Not Too Good To Be True)

You do not need privacy trees and shrubs to hide your unkempt lawn. Sustainable plants and shrubs will save you the trouble of mowing grass — and they will also enable you to save on watering, maintenance, fertilizing, and weeding expenses. “Several folks are turning over their grass patches for drought-tolerant flowers in an attempt to minimize water and eliminate fertilizing,” Better Homes and Gardens reports. “Oh! — and, of course, to create a gorgeous, neighbor-envying garden, too!”

Pick Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Straight From Your Garden

Americans are becoming increasingly conscious of their nutrition and health. The downside to preparing meals with fresh ingredients, however, is easily the cost. Growing your own gives you a number of advantages. The most obvious is paying less for fresh fruits and vegetables. Homeowners or renters with gardens will also be able to choose how they grow their produce. In other words, you can avoid using pesticides, fertilizers, and other products containing harsh and/or harmful chemicals.

Limited Space? Don’t Let That Stop You

If you don’t have a lot of space, you can still reap all of the benefits of gardening. Garden centers and nurseries are growing smaller plant and produce varieties, called dwarf plants. “‘Blueberry Glaze’ is a new blueberry that is compact, boxwood-like and can be sheared into a hedge. It grows 2 to 3 feet high and is covered in midsummer with intensely flavored, deep blue berries,” The Seattle Times writes.

Replace privacy trees and shrubs with sustainable wildflowers, and never mow your lawn again. Refernce materials.

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