Local Clothing Donations Three Solutions for Taking Part in Your Community

Local Clothing Donations Three Solutions for Taking Part in Your Community

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Did you know that in America we throw away an average of 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per year? These items then end up in our landfills, when they could have been recycled instead. Thankfully, this is the way most clothing ends up (about 4.7 billion tons per year), and it is donated for helping families in need.

There are many different ways that you can help your community, and one way is by participating in local clothing donations events. Local clothing donations help people in your area, and they are often held by green charities, wounded veterans charities, and other charity organizations that are looking for clothing donations. If you want to help, here are some easy ways you can get involved:

1. Clothing drives: Many community organizations, churches, and schools host drives to raise money, and they also take donations of clothing and other items, too. Giving clothing during a charity drive is a good way to help others. These events often last for a while, so you’ll have enough time to gather your gently used clothing and any clothing that your family members no longer need.

2. Clothing donation pick ups: Some local charities will actually pick the clothing up right at your door. If you see anyone soliciting for donations, or if you know of an organization that will take your gently used clothing donations for you, be sure to give them a call. The donations may be used to clothe the needy right away, and if there’s anything in excess, they can sell it in a thrift store and donate the profits. There are plenty of ways that clothing donation pick ups work to benefit the needy.

3. Shelters: There’s a good chance that your community has a shelter that needs your help. Homeless shelters, housing for veterans, and residences for victims of domestic violence are always in need of donations. Be sure to contact one in your area to find out if they are interested in receiving local clothing donations.

Looked for charity events in your area and found none? Try organizing your own clothing drive or pick up to help others. These are great ways to help your community and help others. Have questions or suggestions about clothing donations? Be sure to leave us a comment below. Get more on this here.

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