Choosing the Best House Flag for Every Season

Choosing the Best House Flag for Every Season

Spring flag

Seasonal house flags are a great way to add personality to the exterior of your home and mix things up without redecorating. Whether you have a flag for every day or you change it from season to season, consider these easy tips the next time you shop for seasonal house flags.

  • The color yellow on a flag is traditionally a symbol of generosity, health or justice. Hang a flag with strong yellows on your house in summer to give it that extra pop of vitality. When choosing a summer flag, look for something bright and cheerful that will look great in the summer sun.
  • Red flags traditionally symbolized valor, bravery and strength. They can add a sense of hardiness to your home, and they also make great Valentine and holiday house flags. A deeper red or burgandy is great for the transition from fall to winter, and a rich red will pop against the winter snow.
  • White flags are a symbol of honesty and piece, and flags that incorporate a lot of white are make great spring flags. Light florals make great patterns for spring, as do lightly colored birds. Bright colors on the cool end of the color spectrum will look great on your house in spring. Remember, save those warm colors for summer!
  • Blue in a flag represents freedom and perseverance, and whether you hang a traditional American flag or something more unique, blue can add a touch of patriotism to any house. Blue can be great for those summer months as well, as long as it’s a bright, energized blue.
  • Licensed flags with colorful characters can add a touch of playfulness to any garden or exterior. A Peanuts flag or a Garfield flag can be a fun way to bring a little color to your life, but sometimes it’s best to use these in moderation to keep your house from looking to campy. A great alternative to a large house flag is a cute mailbox or garden flag. Keep character flags in good condition to keep them looking crisp and colorful.
  • Holiday flags are a fun and easy way to decorate for whatever season you’re enjoying. Hang up a St. Patrick’s day flag to show your pride in March, or a playful pastel flag for Easter. Just make sure you take the flag down after the holiday! Outdated holiday flags can look tacky or careless.

Remember, you can never have too many seasonal house flags! Mix it up often and keep your house fresh and fun!

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