Three Questions You Didn’t Know You Needed to Ask About Before Signing a Lease

Three Questions You Didn’t Know You Needed to Ask About Before Signing a Lease

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An apartment lease agreement is a big commitment. Before you sign, there are some vital details you need to know. Here are a few of the most obligatory questions you have to ask before you rent an apartment.

What’s the Guest Policy?

If you thought college res life and your parents were the only ones worrying about who you have sleep over, think again. Oftentimes, apartment landlords have a guest policy. After all, more people means more water and gas usage, and a tighter parking situation. What’s more, the landlord did a thorough background check on you before you signed the apartment lease. They know you’re a good tenant, but they don’t know about your guests. If you plan on letting friends and family crash at your place, you need to ask the landlord or property manager about his or her guest policy before you sign the apartment lease.

What’s the Parking Situation?

If you live there, you should be entitled to a parking space, but what about your visitors? If your family or friends come over to hang out, visit, or do whatever, where are they supposed to park? Before you sign your apartment lease, it’s a good idea to get the details on the parking situation. Your neighbors won’t appreciate your friends taking their parking spots, just as you’d get upset if some stranger parked in yours. You also wouldn’t want your friends to get in trouble for unknowingly parking in the wrong spot, either.

How Do You Handle Garbage?

Of course there’s going to be a dumpster for you to toss your refuse in, but before you sign your apartment lease, you should find out what the dumpster rules are. Some places only allow certain household-generated trash to go in the dumpster or on the curb, which means you’ll have to find another way to get rid of that old mattress or bookcase. Others might have a schedule on the dumpster, which means you need to get your garbage out by a certain time if you don’t want it sitting in your apartment.

Once you find an apartment, you need to thoroughly ask the landlord before filling out the apartment rental application or signing the apartment lease. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting in trouble for breaking rules you didn’t know existed.

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