‘Storage Wars’ and the Popularity of Storage Unit Auctions in America

‘Storage Wars’ and the Popularity of Storage Unit Auctions in America

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A storage facility may not seem like the setting for a successful television show, but that’s exactly the case. The popular AandE series Storage Wars has taken the country by storm, with millions of viewers tuning in each season to see people bid on self storage units at auction.

But what are storage auctions? Under California law (where Storage Wars is filmed,), if someone is three months behind on their payments for a self storage rental, the storage facility is able to auction off the contents of the locker, in order to empty it for the next customer.

These self storage unit auctions have been around for years, but have only recently exploded in popularity, thanks to Storage Wars. Auctions around the country have seen a huge influx in attendance since the show began airing, as people try their best to bring out their inner Dave Hester or Barry Weiss.

However, oftentimes, real-life storage auctions are not nearly as exciting as those seen on Storage Wars, in which seemingly every storage unit contains a priceless treasure of some kind. In fact, even the Storage Wars auctions aren’t as exciting as they seem, as it has been alleged (by cast members of the show itself) that many of the units are staged with valuable or interesting items.

People who come out to storage auctions expecting to hit it big are likely to be disappointed, but there are people who make a living by bidding on self storage units. Knowing the right things to bid on, investing wisely, and reselling the items can turn a decent profit.

But what is it that has made storage auctions so exciting, on and offscreen. Auctions themselves do have the fast-paced excitement of the bidding process itself, but storage auctions are about more than that. With storage auctions it’s about the potential of the unseen, of what might be hiding in the storage units that could be valuable, or interesting, or unforgettable.

Whether you’re experiencing a storage auction in person, or sitting at home watching one on TV, it’s hard not to get excited as the bidding kicks off, not knowing quite what’s in store. Learn more about this topic here: www.usselfstorage.com See this link for more.

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