Don’t Let a Bed Bug Scam Bite You

Don’t Let a Bed Bug Scam Bite You

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Even though there are tons of retail products that claim to be “the most effective bed bug treatment available,” you need to hire the proper exterminators. These “professional bed bug treatment” products only kill the visible bugs, not the eggs and nests, like treating symptoms without curing the disease. Only a proper professional has the bed bug heat treatment equipment that can properly get rid of your pest problem.

The only trouble is that there are about as many as scams out there as there are genuine, professional bed bug treatment services. Here are a two of the most common ones.

The Free Inspection.

One of the most obvious scams begins with a free inspection. An exterminator shows up at your doorstep, utterly unannounced, and tells you that there’s been bed bugs in the area recently, and that he or she will take a look at your home for free. The, sure enough, the professional bed bug treatment provider finds “evidence” of pests in your home, after secretly depositing a few dead bugs on your floor or in your bed. Luckily, he or she can provide the solution you need. To avoid such a scam, you should never hire an exterminator who shows up unannounced. If you’re still worried that there’s a problem, call in a real professional bed bug treatment provider who can check.

The Permanent Contract.

The permanent contract scam is one of the most insidious cons out there, preying on the ignorance of its victims. After taking care of a home, the exterminator tells the clients that one professional bed bug treatment won’t fully eliminate all of the pests, and that they’ll have to sign a year long contract. Some will even go so far as to stipulate that the contracts renew themselves if they find evidence of bugs at the end of the term. To avoid such a scam, never give in to the pressure of signing a contract. If the problem really does persist, contact another professional bed bug treatment provider, who will do things properly.

Though several “superior bed bug solutions” are scams, there’s still many, many, genuine professionals out there who can help. If you have any questions about differentiating the pros from the cons, feel free to ask in the comments. Read this website for more information.

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