Increase Your Flip’s Curb Appeal With These Three Cheap and Easy Tips

Increase Your Flip’s Curb Appeal With These Three Cheap and Easy Tips

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Any seasoned house flipper knows that one of the most important parts of a property flip is to increase the curb appeal. You can put the newest and most energy efficient appliances in the kitchen and the fanciest tile mosaic in the bathroom, but if people don’t want to come in they’ll never be seen and you’ll never get the return on your flip. Increasing curb appeal is an essential part of house flips, but it doesn’t have to cut into your budget. Here are three easy tips for making your flip more attractive from the street.

This is very important for curb appeal. Buyers are going to want to picture themselves doing stuff out in the yard, so make sure it’s well manicured when the time comes to sell. Throw down some grass seed on the bare patches of lawn and plant a few easy care flowers near the door. Things should look lively and interesting.

A new mailbox and numbers
These are a couple of other super easy ways to help make your property flip more attractive to buyers and draw them inside. Get a new mailbox. It doesn’t even need to be very fancy, just new and not cheap looking. Get a new set of number for the house and place them somewhere that they are easily seen.

Don’t forget about the windows and doors
The doors and windows are really important parts of a home. Make sure the windows are clean so that people can see inside. As for the door, if it doesn’t need replacing altogether, just add a new fresh coat of paint. You might choose a color that contrasts with the color of the house to really make it pop (like a burnt orange door on a royal blue home).

Do you have any house flipping tips or ideas for increasing curb appeal on a budget? Let us know in the comments.

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