5 Reasons Modern Design Is More Family-Friendly Than You Think

5 Reasons Modern Design Is More Family-Friendly Than You Think

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Of all the types of furniture styles out there, modern seems to be the most feared by people with children. Parents who have seen magazine spreads featuring white, spotless, expensive-looking furniture think of sticky hands and juice spills and assume that modern design simply can’t coexist with people under age 18. But here are some aspects of modern design that might make it seem more family-friendly than you’ve previously thought:

  1. Modern Design Stays Low

    Modern design, in almost all its facets, features relatively low-profile furniture. This can actually be perfect for children, since beds and couches won’t necessarily be towering above them.

  2. Modern Doesn’t Have to Mean Sharp

    You can embrace the groovier side of modern design with irregular, rounded shapes. In fact, modern is probably one of the only types of furniture styles that can offer coffee and side tables that you won’t need to put baby bumpers on.

  3. High Quality Furniture Is Sturdier

    If you’re having trouble convincing yourself to invest in good modern furniture, remember that well-built furniture will stand up much better to any shenanigans your kids engage in. Your first strategy might be to teach kids not to climb on the furniture, but you’ll probably rest easier if you know the joints aren’t just held together with wood glue. Better sofas are even more likely to have removable and washable cushion covers than a cheap couch purchased from a big-box store.

  4. Leather Is Your Friend

    Leather can be wiped clean, even after wet or sticky spills. And while tufted or overstuffed leather can look extremely traditional, black leather is often used in sleek, masculine designs. An easy way to ensure that leather looks modern is to stick to dark colors — white or cream is way too ’80s — and mix leather panels or cushions with simple wooden furniture. For example, choose dining room chairs with simple parsons legs, but leather cushions that can withstand the messiest of meals.

  5. Modern Includes Light and Bright

    While it’s true that certain kinds of modern design — Danish modern, for example — use whites, creams and greys layered on top of one another, plenty of modern design uses vibrant, saturated colors. Bolder paint colors can be a lifesaver on walls, especially since children often see white walls as big canvasses just waiting for crayon and marker masterpieces.

How else can modern design work well for people with children? Are there any other types of furniture styles you think are particularly well suited for families? Share your decorating or furniture shopping tips in the comments.

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