Four Ways That Anyone Can Give Their Used Clothing Donations to Charity

Four Ways That Anyone Can Give Their Used Clothing Donations to Charity

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Many homeowners clean out their closets each year or so, but what do those people do with that clothing once it’s no longer in use? Some people throw the items away, where they contribute to the 12 to 13 million tons of textiles that wind up in landfills each year. However, there is another way to get rid of clothing that can both protect the planet and help their communities: giving used clothing donations to charity. Donating clothing helps divert waste and it gives to those who need this clothing most.

If you’re looking for ways to help others in your community after you clean out your closets, here are four methods of giving your used clothing donations to those in need:

    1. Donate to a charity: Many charities, including shelters and outreach programs, will accept donations right at their door. This gives the charities the opportunity to determine how to best utilize the used clothing donations they receive. Check your area to see which organizations are looking for clothing and what types of clothing they need (e.g. men’s, women’s, children’s, etc.).

    2. Drop them off at a secondhand store: Many towns and cities have secondhand stores that are centered around the act of charity. Some of the clothing you donate may be given to the needy directly. The rest, however, is sold in the secondhand store, and the proceeds are given to programs that benefit individuals and families in need.

    3. Participate in or start a clothing drive: Do you work closely with your church, school, workplace, or community center on charitable giving efforts? If so, you may be able to organize a charity clothing drive. This is especially helpful in communities where direct donations may be lacking. These drives can later function as rummage sales to focus on helping families in need, or the donations can be given directly to the needy.

    4. Give to a charity clothing pick up: Finally, what easier way to help others than to have your donations picked up? A charity clothing pick up will take your donations right at your door. This is especially handy for busy families and those who are unable to carry bags of clothing themselves.

Have more questions about how you can help others? Be sure to find a charitable organization in your area that needs assistance with collecting clothing donations. You can also leave a comment below for more information.

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