Feng Shui Ideals for Apartment Living

Feng Shui Ideals for Apartment Living

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Are you moving to an apartment? For many of us, apartments are what we’ve grown used to as adults, especially for those of us that have spent time in the hearts of major cities. But for many, finding the right apartment is a challenge, and if you’re downsizing from living in a house and moving to an apartment perhaps for the first time, it can be a challenge… at least in the beginning. There are all sorts of things that will require getting used to, not the least of which is apartment decorating, which often requires quick fixes and less-than-perfect arrangements to make the most of the space you have.
These easily attainable tips will introduce a degree of Feng Shui for apartment living to your space, and they’re useful in any setting, small or large. See if these don’t ease things a bit if you’re moving to an apartment, or even if you’ve been living in the same one for a while.

  • Lose the Clutter
    It’s a challenge for those of us that like to collect things – even books and photos. But if you can rid yourself of even one-third of the unnecessary buildup in your living space, you’ll feel freed up. Like, substantially freed up. You might even lose some weight and find you suffer with fewer headaches.

  • Lid Down
    You probably don’t even think about it, but having the toilet seat up all the time is like forging an in-road to the sewer system directly from your home. Yes, you know it’s there, and it’s there for good reason. But there’s really no need for it to be up all the time, reinforcing that liaison with the sewer. And, symbolically, leaving it open invites positive energy to drain right out of your space.

  • A Pair of Nightstands
    If you’re cramped for space, try and make certain there’s room for a nightstand on either side of the bed. Not only does this invite love and quietly promote the idea that you want a live-in companion, it also symbolizes balance. They don’t need to be matching or traditional – but two nightstands is a symbolic must.

  • Watch Your Back
    …when it’s to a door, that is. This is particularly important if you use a desk for working in the apartment or pursuing any creative endeavors. Working with a back to the door represents a loss of power and symbolically allows things to creep up on you. By facing a door, power is restored. If there’s no way around this because of the apartment configuration, put a mirror on the wall above the desk so you can at least see the door.

  • Planting
    Having plants in your living space promotes growth and creativity through nature… and they help clean the air! Balance out the electronic mayhem with some greenery.

  • Fix It
    Another thing you probably don’t think of much, but broken things should not be in your home. Even things like door handles, holes in walls, malfunctioning appliances – brokenness promotes a fractured state of mind.
    If you’re moving to an apartment, these easy to implement ideals will promote a semblance of balance through Feng Shui principles. Try to find apartment rentals with these ideas in mind next time you have to look!
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