What to Do if Your Programmable Remote isn’t Working

What to Do if Your Programmable Remote isn’t Working

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If you’ve purchased programmable remote controls to act as replacement remotes for the ones you’ve lost but they don’t seem to be working once you program them, don’t count the remote out right away. Programmable remote controls are sensitive pieces of equipment, but you can usually make them work eventually.

Here are a few things you should always check before giving up on programmable remote controls.

Did You Check the Batteries?

If you didn’t put batteries in your TV remote replacement, that’s likely your problem right there. Even if your remote came with batteries, you might want to try switching them out with fresh ones. Worn out batteries can cause problems when you’re trying to input TV remote codes, and it can result in faulty programming. Make sure your remote has new batteries before you try programming it.

Did You Let the Button Go Too Quickly, or Wait Too Long?

Remote programming isn’t an exact science, and you’ll often have to feel out how long a certain remote requires you to hold buttons down while you’re programming it. Some remotes have a light you can watch at the top to determine if you’ve pressed a key correctly, but you might just have to keep trying until you get it right.

Are You Too Close to Your Device?

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, a device itself can interfere with remote programming if it uses infrared technology. Signals sent by the device may be interfering with the remote when it’s trying to learn new commands. Try going into another room or backing up to see if that improve’s the remote’s functionality.

Did You Toss the User’s Manual?

It’s never a good idea to throw away the manual that comes either with your remote or the original device. Your manual contains a wealth of troubleshooting tips and information on your remote. You may even find a fix for the specific problem you’re having. Sometimes you can find manuals online, but just in case, be sure to keep those booklets around and consult them when you need to.

If you’re still having trouble, there may be something wrong with the remote. Look up the problem online or contact the seller for more information. More like this article.

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