Three Ways to Increase Space in a Shed or Garage That you Probably Never Thought Of

Three Ways to Increase Space in a Shed or Garage That you Probably Never Thought Of

The garage is an important part of the house, and its door should always be in good working order. It can be extremely difficult to get a car out of the garage when you need it if you have a garage door that is not working. If you need repairs or a replacement of your garage door, you need to hire a company that will do your residential garage door installation. The size of the garage door has a lot to do with how much the new door will cost.

You may have a door that requires 10-foot garage door panels, and these can be replaced so that the door is back in good working order again. You may also need a 10ft x 8ft garage door for your home. For larger garages, you may need a 12 ft garage door panel to replace your old one. For wide garage doors, you may require a 15 ft wide garage door to replace the old one. A garage door technician is well-trained in fixing these doors, replacing panels, and installing garage doors. Be sure that you hire these professionals so that you do not get hurt trying to do it alone.

The great thing about having a shed or garage is that it increased the amount of storage space you have on your property and gives you a place to store things that you don’t necessarily want in the home like gardening or lawn care equipment. The bad thing about having a shed or garage, though, is that it can become a catch-all for junk and quickly spiral into a small disorganized hoard.

1. Use the Ceiling for Storage Space.
One way to maximize space and organization in sheds and garages is to use the space on the ceiling. Sounds crazy, no? Of course it does, but it actually isn’t. Installing tracks along the ceiling gives you a place to store overhead bins. The trick, of course, is to make sure that they’re properly installed, since improper installation could be dangerous.

2. Get a Rolling Cart.
Another easy way to increase the usable space in garages and sheds is to invest in a couple of rolling carts. This basically gives you another organizational unit without taking up permanent space. Since rolling carts are usually pretty small but have a few levels of space, it also means that you’re getting more storage area vertically rather than taking up more space on the floor. Since rolling carts are on wheels, they’re also easy to move in an out of a shed or garage with no problems.

3. Make Use of the Space Under Shelves.
Another super easy organizational and space saving tip for garages and sheds is to make use of the space under shelves that are affixed to the walls. The most useful thing you can do with this space is to gather old jars that have screw on lids (think peanut butter or pickle jars) and nail the lids to the underside of the shelf. Fill the jars with little odds and ends like nails, rubber bands, staples, or any other small items that you have laying around that doesn’t yet have a designated home. The jars can then be screwed into the lids and hang from the shelf.

Do you have any tips for organizing and maximizing space in sheds and garages? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments section. Helpful research also found here.

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