Find the Perfect Storage Unit

Find the Perfect Storage Unit

Find self storage units locally

Recent reports calculate the amount of self-storage space in the United States to be nearly 2.3 billion square feet. That means that between every storage facility in the country, there is more than seven square feet for every person, child or adult. What would you do with your seven square feet?

Almost every storage facility offers different options with regards to size, allowing customers to choose which self storage units match their needs. The smallest storage units available tend towards 25 square feet, and can accommodate quite a bit more than the nation-wide seven square feet allotment. In fact, a storage facility that offered units of only seven square feet would be more along the lines of a locker rental. Still, let’s come up with some ideas.

The two most likely dimensions for storage units this small are seven by one, and 2.5 by 2.5. A storage facility that offered units of these dimensions would probably stack them on top of each other, creating lockers that were long and thin, or squat and square. You could store your favorite posters in the first of these, rolled up nice and tight with some rubber bands, or maybe slide a few boxes of keepsakes down to the end. Some storage facilities offer options for climate controlled storage, making this a perfect nook for rare books and fine bottles of wine. The square unit would be perfect for stacks of books or papers, or cardboard boxes packed with some valuables. Either way, no matter what you keep in this space, you can rest assured that it will remain safe and snug in your unit.

It’s lucky for us that not everyone knows how great renting a storage facility can be; we’re not limited to only seven square feet, barely enough room to store several small possessions. Imagine trying to keep all your most precious possessions in a space hardly larger than a high school locker! Instead, anyone who wants to rent a storage unit is able to choose between many different options, ranging from a walk-in closet, to a massive and echoing room. No matter how much you need to store or how long you need to store it, somewhere out there is the perfect unit for you.

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