Three of the Coolest Pieces of Nautical Decoration You Can Use as a Center Piece

Three of the Coolest Pieces of Nautical Decoration You Can Use as a Center Piece

Armillary sphere

When you’re designing a nautical themed room, one of the most important nautical decorations you need to get is a centerpiece. You need to invest in a piece of nautical decor that’s visually interesting, distinct, unique, and ties the room together. Here are a few good ideas of things you can get!

Replica Diving Helmet.

Replica diving helmets are some of the coolest pieces of nautical decor you can find. Typically modeled after the version German-born British engineer Augustus Siebe created, these large, brass helmets were used in the late 19th century to explore the deep sea. Consequentially, these nautical decorations are associated with an air of intrigue and mystery, making them excellent conversation pieces. The only downside is that they typically cost upwards of $100.

Armillary Sphere.

An armillary globe is another excellent nautical decoration to have on your mantle. Used as a model of objects in the sky, these nautical decorations consist of a spherical framework of rings centering around the earth. Each one represents lines of longitude, latitude, or other important features.

Porthole Clock.

If you want to keep it simple, consider buying a porthole clock. These unique clocks look as though they’re emerging from a porthole, just like they were on a ship. Every living room needs a good timekeeping device, so why not make yours as nautical as the rest of the room?

Every nautical themed room needs to have a center piece — something that not only ties the whole interior design together, but also completes it and acts as a conversation piece. Replica diving helmets, armillary spheres, and porthole clocks are all excellent pieces of decor that can accomplish such an important task.

If you have any questions about these decorations, or you know of any other nautical decoration that might work as a center piece, please feel free to share in the comments.

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