Indiana Couple Receives Domestic Battery Charges After Fighting Over Their Television Remote Control

Indiana Couple Receives Domestic Battery Charges After Fighting Over Their Television Remote Control

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Television remote controls and extension cords are normally perceived as simple conveniences, used to make our daily lives easier and more relaxing. However, in the hands of a married couple from New Castle, IN, these common objects allegedly became the source of a violent agreement and even weapons. The two pleaded guilty to domestic battery in late March, proving the importance of using household items as intended and using communication, rather than violence, to solve disputes.

Timothy L. Hamilton, 62, and Karen J. Hamilton, 61, both residents of a rural New Castle home, were arrested on March 26 after sheriff’s deputies were called to their home. The Hamiltons had reportedly started fighting over one of the household’s TV remote controls, which quickly escalated. At some point, Timothy Hamilton claims, his wife attacked him with an extension cord. Meanwhile, Karen, who was treated for injuries at Henry County Hospital, stated that her husband had choked her.

After their arrest, the Hamiltons both pleaded guilty to a Class A misdemeanor in Henry Circuit Court 3 on Tuesday, March 31. The charge carries a maximum one-year jail term. However, Judge Bob Witham instead imposed a suspended one-year sentences for both, which will allow the defendants to perform a period of probation instead of serving a jail term. The Hamiltons will also be required to undergo any counseling recommended by their probation officers. Court records showed no prior convictions for either defendant, a fact which likely contributed to their suspended sentences.

A number of questions about the odd case still linger: for example, why were the Hamiltons arguing over their TV remote controls? After all, given the relative ease of programming a remote and using it to control a variety of devices, these tools aren’t usually associated with conflict. Moreover, how exactly did Karen Hamilton attack her husband with an extension cord? Given the strange case, it may be advisable for the couple to buy a second television and a few replacement remote controls. Specific retailers often a wide variety of replacement remotes, meaning the Hamiltons could easily find second version of their original remote controls, hopefully circumventing further arguments.

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