4 Reasons You Deserve an Adjustable Bed

4 Reasons You Deserve an Adjustable Bed

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You have always been a hard worker. From the time you were in school and constantly the overachiever, you have juggled multiple responsibilities, been physically active, and prided yourself on being the friend and family member that your loved ones can always count on. All of those decades of hard work, however, have started to take their toll on your body. You’re not sleeping as well as you used to, and it seems you area always dealing with a new ache or pain. A friend suggests that you look into electric beds. After doing your research, you realize you really do deserve a new adjustable bed for several reasons.
1) Increase Your Comfort Like 50% of American adults, you have chronic pain. According to the National Sleep Foundation, for many of these people with chronic pain, their discomfort can lead to insomnia. You have certainly felt this, and your research revealed that adjustable bed systems may help relieve some of this discomfort. Your symptoms of lower back pain, leg swelling, and poor circulation may be relieved by an adjustable bed.
2) Rest Easier Even though sleep is when you are supposed to relax, the mere act of doing so can put up to 50 pounds of weight on your spine. All of the different styles and sizes of adjustable beds can be put into different positions to try to relieve some of the burden on your back.
3) You Deserve Options Through your life, you have had several different mattresses. You realize, however, that with all of the sizes of adjustable beds that are available, you have an entirely new realm of choices to make. You like the fact that you could get a twin adjustable bed, or if you decide to share with your husband, the sizes of adjustable beds go all the way up to king size. You have always like having lots of choice, and all the available sizes of adjustable beds make you feel even better about purchasing a new mattress.
4) Invest in Yourself One of the hardest lessons for you to learn has been the importance of investing in yourself. You have always been the person to sacrifice nice things for yourself in order to take care of those around you. As you have aged however, you have discovered that spending some time and money to take care of yourself has huge benefits in your ability to stay active and continue to keep up with your busy lifestyle. An investment in an electric adjustable bed would be the pinnacle of investing in your own self care.
It didn’t take much convincing to get your husband on board with purchasing an adjustable bed. The chance to relieve discomfort, the fact you have choice in the size and style of the bed, and the opportunity to really invest in your health and comfort was something he was very interested in supporting. Plus, he is pretty excited to get to reap the rewards of sharing the bed with you!

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