5 Areas in Your Office You Didn’t Know Were Filthy

5 Areas in Your Office You Didn’t Know Were Filthy

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While many people hire cleaners for professional home cleaning, few bosses consider hiring professional cleaners for their office. Like professional home cleaning services, office cleaning services focus on areas of the office that are most likely to have large amounts of bacteria. Unlike professional home cleaning services, office cleaning services can benefit hundreds of people, depending upon the size of the office. A clean office can potentially lead to better productivity and less employees calling in sick to work. So, what areas in the office are covered in bacteria? Read on to find out.

Handles in the restroom
Although many people would think that the stalls and toilets in a restroom are covered in bacteria, few consider the fact that the handles leaving the restroom would also have large amounts of bacteria. Around 45% of workers have seen their coworkers exit the restroom without washing their hands. If these coworkers are touching the handles leaving the restroom, they are spreading bacteria that could lead to illnesses spreading and therefore many employees calling in sick.

The air you breathe
While some may associate certain surfaces with uncleanliness, many forget about the germs that spread through the air. Around 22% of office workers have witnessed a coworker sneeze, yawn or cough every day without their mouth being covered. This can cause germs to spread throughout the air and settle on surfaces. Without a professional office cleaner, the air and these surfaces are likely to keep these germs readily available to spread.


Carpets absorb germs and dust more than most surfaces. If the carpet rarely gets cleaned, and there are employees with allergies, there is a much higher chance of them calling in due to the allergens stored within the carpeting than if the carpet was regularly cleaned. There can also be other things hidden within the carpet, such as nail clippings. In fact, more than 1/3 of workers admit to trimming their nails in the office.


Without a professional cleaning service in your office, telephones will rarely get cleaned. However, since employees use their telephones multiple times daily, especially in call center settings, they harbor bacteria more than most surfaces.

Employee desks

Around 85% of workers in America eat in their office space. Since many workers do not clean their own desk spaces, food can build up on the surface of desks without them realizing. Without regular cleaning, this can cause bacteria to grow alongside the food.

While you may believe that professional office cleaning services are too expensive for your budget, you will be surprised by the benefits they provide. A cleaner office can lead to higher productivity and even decrease the amount of employees calling in sick, thus saving you money. There are also many services that offer affordable office cleaning depending upon the size of your office and the services you require.

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