Three Ingredients For A Successful Backyard Party

Three Ingredients For A Successful Backyard Party

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In today’s outdoor party culture of full bars, live bands and jewel encrusted chair covers, we believe that stripped down simplicity is long overdue its day in the sun. After all, we throw parties for people. When you flip back through your photo albums, it won’t be the party rental equipment or the gold accented tea china we ooh and aah at. Rather it will be how happy your daughter looked as she blew out the candles on her Sweet Sixteen cake, or the tears in the groom’s eyes as he kissed the bride.
This all being said, nothing can be made from nothing. Below we detail the only three ingredients you truly need to make a backyard party where your loved ones are the centerpiece a success.
A Tent
If you get literally nothing else for your backyard soiree, look into event tent rentals. As far as party rental equipment goes this might seem extravagant, but tents are an addition we deem worth the price. Not only does a tent completely erase the usual worries about bad weather, the simple presence of draped cloth above your guests’ heads will add a lux impression of elegance as well as provide a place to hang any outdoor lighting. This season we are pretty obsessed with sailcloth tents, which use the material that ship sails are made of both for their water resistant technology and for their clean nautical lines.
Tables and Chairs
In our opinion, having reliable seating for your guests is just as important as even the food, but not as easily done correctly. Having abundant and uniform seating can make your party look deceptively expensive and aid in the flow of conversation. Many tables also provide great storage space for your mom’s famous casserole, the lap top speakers, everyone’s purses, etc, and can be a subtle way to control any anticipated party drama by way of a seating chart.
If even this stripped down approach to party equipment rental seems beyond your budget, think again. Most reputable rental places offer some sort of cost effective package that can include tent, tables, and chairs, which makes a lot of sense and saves a lot of headache. So start Googling, and we are confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much grief renting just these three things can save you, leaving you free to devote time to homemade lanterns, food, and playlists.

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