Three Ways To Put Your Adjustable Bed To Better Use

Three Ways To Put Your Adjustable Bed To Better Use

Mattress for adjustable bed

If you have recently acquired an adjustable bed, congratulations! You’re one of the millions of Americans who has traded in their outdated horizontal sleep style for the perfect middle ground between a couch, a bed, and a lounge chair. Whether your adjustable bed was bought as a way to stave off chronic back or neck pain or simply as a wellness investment, you have a lot of great sleep to look forward to. Below are some tips to help you get acquainted with your adjustable bed and optimize your purchase for best sleeping results:

1.Read the manual. We know we know. Everything seems to come with a darn manual these days. One of the good things about an old fashioned bed that might have even made sacrificing bed comfort enticing was that it was self explanatory, whereas these new fangled adjustable beds have switches, wires, pulleys, perhaps even that fabled kitchen sink. It is important to bite the bullet however and familiarize yourself with the mechanics, as there are many types of adjustable beds out there and you could be depriving yourself of one of your new beds features.

2.Test the mattress. Chances are you got an adjustable bed so that you would be able to incline the frame at either the head or the foot to increase comfort and avoid unwanted cramping. The adjustable bed mattress might be a different story. Try napping on the mattress and consider whether or not you need to soup it up a bit, perhaps with a memory foam pad or an electric blanket.

3.Speak to your doctor. If you bought your adjustable bed to help treat a chronic condition, it might be an important step to talk to your doctor and discuss the best sleeping position to alleviate your ailment. Also, make sure to pay attention to the height of your bed and be vigilant of any tripping or falling hazards before you turn in for the night.

We are confident that if you follow these three steps, you will really get the most out of your adjustable bed. We just hope you managed to stay awake long enough to read this article–after all, sleep comes so easily now.

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