The 5 Qualities of the Best Apartments

The 5 Qualities of the Best Apartments

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So, you’ve decided against the responsibility and commitment of home ownership and opted for apartment living? That’s great! You’ve joined the 35% of American adults that choose to rent the place live. There are many great benefits to renting an apartment, but now comes the task of finding the right place. Here are the five qualities to look for to find the best apartments.

    1.) Cost: It’s all about the money. This could be the right answer to a lot of questions, but when it comes to where you’ll be living and the price you’ll be paying the cost of rent will be your main concern in most cases. You’ve already made a choice that will save you money as renting save the average person $560 a month opposed to buying. Whether you’re looking at luxury city apartments, a loft apartment, or anything in between finding the best value is important no matter your budget.

    2.) Amenities: Some would say this could go under cost because it can affect the price, but it’s important to understand what you’re paying for before you sign. Some places include things like heat, water, and electricity in the rent. Other places that look cheaper might make you foot the bill. Just know going in wexactly what’s covered and what’s not.

    3.) Landlord: A good landlord can be the difference between a nice apartment, and an incredible place to live. The best apartments will have landlords, or a property manager that will take care of daily maintenance both indoor and outdoors. Everything from broken faucets to mowing the law. There’s nothing worse than living with a broken lock for two weeks because your landlord will “get around to it when I can..”

    4.) Location: For some people this will matter a lot more than others. Not to mention the definition of a good location is highly individual. Some people enjoy being downtown in the hustle and bustle, while others prefer to live more on the quieter outskirts of a city. Recognize your preference and find a location accordingly. No one really wants to live in the perfect apartment on the wrong side of town.

    5.) Porch: Okay, this one might be entirely subjective. But come on, if the thought of lounging on a front porch, back deck, or God willing balcony perch doesn’t make you some combination of happy, nostalgic, and relaxed – that’s a you problem. If you want to be included as one of the best apartments, you got to have at least one.

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