Oriental Rugs Provide a Dramatic Visual Statement

Oriental Rugs Provide a Dramatic Visual Statement

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Sometimes the center piece of a room is what guests remember the most when they return home. In some houses, the focal point might be a oversized black and white photograph hung prominently over the fireplace; in other homes the center of attention might be a new leather sectional; in some more elegant homes, an Oriental rug is the center of the room.

An Oriental rug can be a major investment and it needs to be properly maintained and cared for to extend its use and protect its value. If you have a damaged area on your expensive rug, it is important that you find the best company for this task. In order to repair Oriental rugs, it is imperative that you find a company known for their careful cleaning and repair methods.

By definition, an Oriental rug is a name that should only be given to rugs that are hand knotted in Asia. Typically, these rugs are more specifically named for the region where they were made. For example, you could buy a Turkish rug in Istanbul. Persian Oriental rugs refer to a specific hand tied rug that was made in modern day Iran. Characteristics of a Persian rug include a very thick pile, which can be as high as 160 knots per square inch, very rich color combinations, unique designs, and a very specific knot. Oriental rugs can also be named after the specific village, town or district where they are woven or collected. In some cases, rugs are named according to the name of the tribe that completed the weaving.

While you might be able to clean and maintain imitation silk rugs yourself, true Oriental rugs take greater care, For instance, homeowners can prevent permanent indentations in rugs by periodically rotating furniture. If, however, your rug has a permanent indentation, it might be necessary for you to seek professional advice to see if the lasting indentation might lead to a hole. Stains and other accidents can also require you to repair oriental rugs. In all of these situations, Oriental rug dealers may be able to refer you to the most qualified Oriental rug repair companies.

Because authentic Oriental rugs are made with two basic types of material, wool and silk, it is important that the company you hire to repair Oriental rugs can accurately identify which of these materials is involved. Once this has been determined, the experts can move on to the cleaning and repair process. If you have invested in a quality Oriental rug it just makes good sense that you will also want to invest in its cleaning, repair and maintenance.

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