3 Reasons to Give Back to Veterans This Holiday Season

3 Reasons to Give Back to Veterans This Holiday Season

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Everybody loves to say that they support the troops, but what have you done lately to actually give back? Making charitable donations for military support is always important, but it comes to the forefront during the holiday season when people realize that military families are often the people that need your donations the most.

You can do your part in giving back to these heroes by donating used clothing before the holiday season arrives. There is no better way to exhibit true military support than by giving them gifts to exchange with their family and friends that they couldn’t afford otherwise. Here are three important reasons that you should be giving the military donations during this time of year:

    Military families often struggle financially. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for veterans between the ages of 18-24 in the U.S. was over 20% in 2012, and that number is growing by the year. They also reported that an estimated 207,000 veterans were unable to find work as of 2013. The sad truth of the matter is that their specialized set of skills often do not translate to the traditional workplace upon returning to America.

    Let them enjoy a normal holiday. Many veterans haven’t spent a holiday with their family in years, and your donations will allow them enjoy the normalcy of a typical Christmas experience. A lot of people can’t even imagine what it would be like to not spend the holidays surrounded by friends and family. Veterans are forced to do this year after year. Through your military support donations, you not only improve their holiday experience, but the experience of their spouses and children.

    It will be the most rewarding thing you ever do. Short of flying overseas to fight in a war, there is no better way to give back to your country than by donating your gently used clothing to veterans. It is a valuable lesson that you can teach your children at an early age, and it’s something your family will never forget. Instead of just throwing your old clothing away (about 12 million tons of textile waste are throw out every year), you can be making the difference in the lives of a family.

These are just a few of the many reasons to consider donating during the holiday season to support the families of veterans. While it always feels great to donate, there is nothing quite like the feeling of rewarding our troops for the hardships they endure for our country.

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