4 Things to Look for in a Home When Moving Down South

4 Things to Look for in a Home When Moving Down South

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Looking to head south for more than just the winter? Whether you?re nearing retirement or just looking for a change, moving south can be one of the best decisions you?ll ever make. You might be dreaming of the south simply for the nice weather, however, there are a few things you?ll want to be sure of before you move into a new home! Before you make the move down south, you?ll want to be sure that your home has the amenities you?re looking for. This way, after you move into a new home, you won?t have to move ever again! Trust us, once y?all experience this weather, you?re not going to want to go anywhere! Here are just a few of the things you may want to consider before making the move into a new home.

A home that allows for a relaxed lifestyle

While it?s easy to find places to relax in the south, wouldn?t it be much easier if those places were right near your own home? Being able to relax near the comfort of your own home may help to decrease stress and therefore result in better health. Good health is incredibly important for any age, but 81% of retirees consider it the most important part of maintaining a happy retirement! If you?re moving down south for retirement living (or even if you?re moving for other reasons), you?ll want to be sure that your new home has easy access to certain amenities. We recommend looking for a home with access to fishing, boating, golf courses, and other resort-style amenities!

Recreational opportunities

While a relaxing lifestyle can be great for your health, you?ll also want to make sure you stay active! If you?re pretty healthy and fit (and 65 or older), you?ll want to make sure you?re getting two and a half hours of medium-intensity aerobic activity each week, as well as muscle training twice a week. This doesn?t mean going to the fitness center all the time. Instead look for a home with recreational opportunities that are more interesting to you! If you?re moving due to retirement, these opportunities will not only keep you in shape, but they may also make you a happier retiree. In fact, the happiest retirees are typically involved in three to four activities regularly. Whereas less happy retirees only participate in one or two activities regularly! While we wouldn?t blame you if you found it hard to pull yourself away from those relaxing activities, it?ll be much easier for you to stay on track you?re your fitness and health with recreational opportunities nearby!

Safe neighborhood

While relaxing amenities and recreational opportunities are highly important, perhaps the most important thing to look for in a home is a safe neighborhood. Be sure to look for a home that has safeguards in place (whether it be a gate at the entrance or security on-site), to ensure that adjusting to your new home is stress-free.

Vibrant community

Finally, you?ll want to make sure that your neighborhood is not only safe, but that it?s lively! Check out what community building events your new neighborhood may offer to see when and where the neighbors get together!

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